Perfect Day Massage is Moving!!


Please excuse our dust.  We are in a rather transitional phase and if all goes well and according to plan we will be moved into our new home at 800 Baywood on the E. side of Petaluma by the end of the year, this year. 

If you bought multiple Groupons for our massages, please be aware that we will only be certain of being able to accomodate side by side massages starting January of 2012.  We hope to be able to do side by sides even sooner, but can't guarantee it.

We'd like to thank those who have come to experience Perfect Day Massage, and say a warm welcome to those who plan to.  We hope that you will continue to read PDM's blog for our specials which we are constantly running, and for the amusing anecdotes and general out-pouring of Holiday Chocolate......I mean Cheer. 

If you have only just discovered PDM, welcome and please realize that this blogger's sense of humor can be quirky, her advice is often the advice of a perpetual student of massage and of life in general as well as that of a mother and resident of Progressive Petaluma, California.

This blogger's name, by the way is Sue.  I am the Owner of PDM and have been giving massage for over 10 years now, because it is my heart's work, and when I die, I wish to be strapped to my Table and buried at sea.

Now what did I say about that quirky sense of humor?

Okay, humor out of the way, here comes some advice for the Holidays: 

Live, Laugh, Love, Remember and Make Memories.

Eat, drink and be merry because Tomorrow we may diet.

Share everything, because the best things are free anyway, so you lose nothing by sharing.

Take time out for yourself, because it clears the mind and prepares it to come up w/ sensible things like the concept of asking for help when you need it or hiring someone to cater that big Holiday Party so that you can actually spend some time with your guests.

Slow down- especially during the Holidays.  Way too many of us let Road Rage take us over during the Holidays or maybe it's the egg nog.  Try to set a better example for my 8 year old son, so that you can feel honored when you see me using you as a visual aid as we're driving the streets behind you this season. 

Consider that what your kids really want from you this season is more of your presence as opposed to more presents.   How about one present that you can spend time on as a pair or as a family, like a class that you take together or a subscription to an educational magazine.  Ya, it's low tech, but there's plenty of time for that computer when your kids are at school, and the computer just gives you "mouse arm" anyway.

Sick of all the advice?  Take EmergenC drink.  It'll cure anything.

Peace Readers.
  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage