Well, Today was the first of two moving days that I allowed before getting back to business as usual for Perfect Day Massage.  And the term "usual" is debatable. 

Believe it or not, seeing massage as a "business" is new to me.  In the space of a couple of weeks, I've gone from being a tiny one woman operation in one tiny room with one tiny (long enough for a person to lie on) massage table, to having a lease on 2 rooms with 3 tables and at the moment, 3 pair of hands to do the massages so that now I can really give my clients the service they deserve.

Yes, "deserve".  We rarely think of these "luxuries" as something that we deserve, and when we do it's because we've finally come to the end of some rope or other and are thinking of running away from home.

I must also take issue w/ the concept of massage as a "luxury". 

Think about it.  Gas and oil are not luxuries to your car.  You take your car for regular maintenance.  You go for regular check-ups to your doctor and dentist, and maybe you even go through a regimen at a gym or get some form of daily exercise.

You see all these things as necessary, so what about allowing someone to help you stretch the muscles that take the beating at the gym, or during your daily grind.  We never stop using our muscles, so the need to stretch them is very real as is the need to soothe the mind.  

Massage provides much of that stretching as you're being massaged and much more, and it certainly feels a lot better than going to the dentist. 

Be assured that when you call to line up your massage, the phone number will be the same, as well as the name of the business.  It's only the location that has changed. 

Clients of Perfect Day Massage will now be received upstairs at 800 Baywood in Suites D and E.  The building is across from the Marina in East Petaluma.

Those of you who are interested in a psychic reading with your massage or would like very deep work, should ask for me, personally. 

We give confirmation calls at least a day before your massage.  If you don't get one, by the end of the day before your massage, please call to check in.  It may be that I'm just a little late getting round to the confirmation calls for the day.  Please forgive me if I am a bit late (or a couple days early) with your confirmation call, as I do run a family as well as a massage business. 

Thanks again, for bearing with us through all the changes.  The changes are for the sake of better service to you the client, and the new location offers more space for more massages so that you can bring a friend or two for same time massages. 

Until next time, my fellow Petalumans, Sonoma County-ans, and Bay Area Resid-ans................