A Precious Moment or Two

There seem to be all kinds of precious moments in life.  I have a precious moment, right now to write about a couple of them, before I have to take off again to get back to giving massages down the street, so let me invite you to share a cup of cuteness:

This morning, I snuck downstairs where my beautiful son was (I thought) still asleep on the couch, to find that he was just waking up.  As I had no work Today until 11, I asked him if he wanted to go out to breakfast with me- a Mother/Son breakfast, as his father was still sleeping. 

My son and I have a favorite breakfast place here in town.  It's called the Aqus Cafe.  He gets scrambled eggs with Ketchup and bacon and hot cocoa, and I get my grilled breakfast sandwich on gluten free bread and hot spiced chai with a small cup of cut up fruit. 

I was rewarded for my little expenditure in a big way.  I'll take an extra hug any day.  It was worth way more than what I paid for our breakfasts. 

Before breakfast arrived at the table, we had the place to ourselves, and the world was as Shakespear so eloquently put it "our stage".   We boogied to the music until the kitchen opened.

We enjoyed our breakfast immensely, because it was more than just food, Today.  It was a fun filled adventure, and dance party all rolled into one, and we didn't have to wait for a special occassion.  It's true that it was a week-end, but when you work for yourself, your week-ends aren't always on Saturday/Sunday, and you begin to see opportunities for precious moment everywhere. 

We all have to work hard at our jobs, and those of us who aren't guaranteed regular pay checks, may have to work harder than others, and you'd think that we have less time to focus on making time for making memories. 

The truth is that the more precious something is, the more we seek after it.  The more you seek after a thing, the greater is the chance that you will see it all around you, daily.  Barbara J. Winter said it better, in her book:  Making A Living Without A Job.  "You don't have to wait to live rich".  And she gave lots of ideas on how to live rich, in the little moments between the more routine moments of daily living:  Kidnap and overworked friend and go to lunch; be generous with thank you notes; burn incense in your office; visit a Japanese Tea-Garden; etc.  They're all on page 229- Happy reading!

Today, I've planned one of those precious moments that I hope will be precious for my friends too.  As I've only recently moved my business from W. Petaluma to E. and only recently hired some help for my business, I've invited my helpers to celebrate with me, at a pizza place near the new office. 

So you see that sometimes simply keeping your eye out for opportunities and precious moments is enough, and sometimes it's a good idea to give a bit of your own impetus, by taking some initiative and planning it.  Calendars are really great for this idea.

When you calendar a thing it tends to get done.  When you don't it tends to get put off and or forgotten, completely.  We calendar the lube job for the car, our dental appointments, and little Timmy's soccer games and little Julie's piano recitals.  We don't tend to think to calendar precious moments, or even quiet ones, in which to take a hot bubble bath with a good magazine or work on a favorite hobby. 

Think about that for a moment.  I'll wait...........

So did you come to the conclusion:  Man!  I really need to get on that, and calendar a bit more "me-time"?  Did you actually run to get your calendar to see where you could squeeze it in?  Did you take it that one step further and plan to do it regularly?  You will probably find that you can start getting some regular time to do your favorite things, as you look a bit further ahead on your calendar, because we tend to get booked up at least a month in advance, with a lot of things that we (often, but not always, rightly) feel "obligated" to do. 

Now consider that phrase in parentheses, in that last sentence.  How often do you feel obligated to do a thing, because it's expected of you, and not because it's really your responsibility or because you really want to do it?  Can you drop it?  Delegate it?  Put it on a back burner?  Change the terms of the obligation to suit you better? 

What are you getting out of doing each of the items on your agenda?  Who are you really doing them for?  Are you getting some form of recompense? 

I've harped before on the proper use of a calendar, and it was along these same lines.  I come back to it, again and again, because I tend to find a lot of tightness in shoulders that take on way too much responsibility that could be delegated, or is improperly delegated to the set of shoulders on my massage table. 

Holding the weight of the world on one's shoulders makes for some very tired and achey shoulders.  Everyone in your life really needs to pull their own weight..........of the world.  And everyone really needs to plan some breaks and precious moments, and plan time to allow for precious moments to happen.

Peace, Love and Breakfast Boogie to All, Dear Readers. 

  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage