The Early Bird Gets Tired Early

So as I sit here, rubbing sleep out of my eyes, it dawns on me, that being the proverbial "Early Bird" isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I don't need to be up early to get my son to school or camp Today, and I'm not eager to be sitting at the door of my dentists office waiting for her to show up for 4 hours, and going out to eat breakfast this early will only make me cold and fat, because I'll have way too long to eat, and will just keep ordering Tea and hot cocoa to kill time.

Also, having been up this early is only going to make me tired early this eve, and I won't have the energetic resources to enjoy being with the hubby, after our beautiful, sweet 8 year old son goes to bed........or at least to his room for the night. 

I know, maybe I'll leave our son to stay awake for a bit with the hubby, in my place!! 

Kids have boundless energy..........especially when they're supposed to be calm and quiet.  My son wanted to continue to tell me and his puppy a story last night until all hours, and he was supposed to have gotten all tired out at camp. 

Speaking of camp, I have more "happy campers" to welcome to the very elite club of members who have been to see us at Perfect Day Massage. 

I know.  It was a weak segue, but the best I could do after having woken up before 6am this morning.

So to those of you who have just had a massage from one of us:  Carolyn, Michele, Kim or myself, (Sue) welcome, and please keep our packages in mind.  You must call within a week of having had your Groupon Massage in order to get your package of hour long massages at the same rate.  ($37/hr for 3 or more hours).  This deal expires at the end of 2012 and the rate will go up to $42/hr in a package of 3 or more hours.

For my clients who have been with me for a while, there's no need to feel left out.  My rates for packages if you buy by Mar. 1 is $40/hr for a package of 3 or more and you can use those massages or give them to friends as birthday gifts. 

You may also want to consider the "Friends Package":  Buy 3 hours for yourself at $42/hr. and get the 4th at half the regular price ($35/hr) for your friend.

Of course my blogs aren't all about my sales pitches.  They're also about life in general, and all my life, as a massage therapist, I will be coming up with more great deals for my clients.  Haha!

I hope that you've all had a wonderful start to your New Year, and that you've kept my previous blogs in mind, about resolutions, and how every day is a new day and another new chance to begin a better life, re-create yourself, do things that you've been wanting to do instead of waiting for "someday" to happen along.

Because we really tend to make a lot of the same resolutions over and over again, for all the wrong reasons, or even for all the right ones, realizing or not that our resolutions will fail to carry us through and make us successful for the same reasons that we failed to follow through on them last year.

We forget that the first step to actually getting the body that we've always wanted or that new home or career that will make us happier is to knock down the excuses that have held us back from attaining it all before. 

We also have to examine other reasons that we may have failed before.  Is it really something YOU want, or is it something that is expected of you by others?  Maybe it really wasn't right for you or maybe it wasn't the time for it before.  Wiser heads than mine have said:  Timing is Everything.

An hour later would have been a better time for me to wake up this am.  And maybe you think that since the literal New Year's hour has passed, that it's no longer an appropriate time to form new resolutions for the year.  And that's exactly my point!!

As I said before:  Every day is a new day, and every day can have it's own resolutions to it, and they can be for the long term or short.  It's your life.  You get to decide:  Is your career making you happy?  Do you feel comfortable and healthy in your own skin/body?  Do all your relationships make you happy or benefit you somehow? 

You'd be astounded by what I hear at work.  I'm always honored when my clients share with me, and take the time to ponder life on my massage tables.  Being that relaxed, can be absolutely inspiring.  Ideas and realizations can form that are crowded out by the needs of daily living.

Many folks have time to come to grips with what's not exactly right, and can even percolate some possible solutions.  I'm always happy when I know that I've been a sounding board, and my clients can be assured that what is said in Oasis 1 or 2 stays there.  (What I'm calling my massage offices).

So massage is great for the body, and sometimes it's even better medicine for the soul, as our clients walk out better prepared to meet life, and live it on a more conscious level, taking a bit more control, rather than letting their calendars and other outside influences control them.

Always aiming to serve:

Sue and the Perfect Day Massage Crew

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  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage