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                                     More to make you laugh

Wiser heads than mine have said that laughter is the best medicine.  Another commonly unknown truth is that when you laugh, it is impossible for you to be physically tense, so sometimes making you laugh on my massage table is more than just me being a bit silly and saucy.

Please feel free to pass these on to any friend that you think could use a good laugh, because life is too often taken way too seriously.  Too many of us see obstacles way too clearly and are too over-whelmed by what we perceive as an insurmountable obstacle to begin to believe that there may be a creative solution, so we simply don't bother to try to find a way to get around or over the obstacle.

Too often, we forget that where there is a will there is a way, and if we can dream it, we can do it.  I did. 

I was once told that people don't do massage for money, because it doesn't make money.  This advisor counseled that people take a real job for money, i.e. clerical work, and do that to support their hobby of massage. 

It took many years and some help from Groupon to prove that my advisor was wrong, but thanks to all of you who bought those Groupons and my many regulars who have been coming to me all along, I have finally done it. 

I will continue to create wonderful massage specials and to hire wonderful people to help me serve my wonderful clients until Dooms Day, so be assured that if you haven't had a Perfect Day Massage yet, there's one with your name on it, just waiting for you to lay claim to it or buy it for a friend.  All you have to do is schedule the appointment and pay a booking fee of $20. that we will put toward the cost of the massage.

I will also soon be set up to take credit cards at work.  Ain't technology grand?!

Now enjoy the funny pictures that my friend forwarded to me, because they're grand too.
  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage