Letter to a Friend

 Letter to a Friend

Today, I opened my emails and was immediately compelled to respond to a friend going through a rough patch in her relationship. Her gentleman friend has been unintentionally neglecting her because of some issues going on in his own life, and it was hard for her to know how to ask him to communicate more.

When I had finished my reply to her, I realized that as impassioned to the point of almost being non-sensical it was, it is simply a statement of good common sense, as I took every bit of it from older and wiser folk than myself, quoting old cliches and pointing to the ancient example of the Oriental Yin Yang, used to denote balance.

So here it is, unabridged, and unadorned. My unabated essay on that antiquated theme: Men vs. Women.

The heart wants what it wants and honesty is always the best policy. (Re those paragraphs that I didn't comment on before). He wants you there w/ him or he wouldn't have invited you, and you want to be there with him for the ride or you would be telling me now that you wish you had a polite excuse to refuse his invite.

Guys are always slow on the up-take when it comes to matters of the heart. Consider all the anniversaries and Valentine's Days that they're reputed to miss, etc.

The poor dears are hardwired to be thinkers as opposed to feelers. Why do you think that the Orientals came up w/ the concept of the Yin Yang? It is actually to help the 2 sexes to live in harmony, w/ no fingers being allowed to be pointed, or fault to be found.

When we start nit-picking on people for what they're hard-wired to be we open a can of worms that is difficlt to impossible to close again. (Try uncracking an egg shell- if the egg shell is your relationship).

Men are lucky to have us, because their world would be cold and boring without us. All they would have would be other Men who would reflect back to them just what they are, with no softening and no variety.

We are the spice of their lives, and it is our Mission- Should we Choose to Accept it- to make them laugh, soften the hard cold emptiness of their days, and shake them up when they need it, by reminding them once in a while about special days, so that they will stop for a day to breathe and smell the roses. Be the rose Dear Friend. Be the rose.

Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage