Running a bus.

                      Running a Business-  Running a Life
I know that all of us are constantly learning.  When we stop learning we die, so I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm still learning how to run my business.  It's not much different really from running the rest of my life, if you take into account that a large part of running my life is running my kid's life.

Yeah, you other parents out there who are the main care-takers and disciplinarians know what I'm talking about. 

From the time the kids get home from school, we're on guard for any slack in the pace of getting things done that need to get done before bed time.

When they take breaks, we watch the clock and remind them on the half hour that the cartoon is over, and it's time to get on with the rest of the homework and then the bath and then dinner and teeth brushing and reading or any other way ward homework.

We read for a set length of time, because we know that after a certain hour, (the Golden Hour- as I call it) it becomes almost impossible for our kid to fall asleep with out drugs or liquor. 

And no, I'm not actually recommending that you ply your kids with drugs or liquor just because you want them to go to sleep, (unless of course you need to break a cycle of sleeplessness for the sake of the whole family and then a bit of kiddie Motrin should do it).

So it's rather the same with running a business.  I watch my time, and realize that I'm spending a lot of time calling clients to remind them of their appointments, and then we spend time meeting and greeting them and giving them a massage and finally tapping their demographics into my gmail account so that I can alert them (all of you) to my new blog posts.

I begin to realize that my computer, for the sake of the confirmation calls and scheduling is beginning to take over my life, and so I spend even more time at my computer trying to do some damage control, and I'm not just talking about the maybe one to two hours a week that I'm spending playing Scrabble on the ISC site.  I'm actually trying to take some of my own advice, and plugging things into my calendar that have a bit more to do with going out with friends, and other things that soothe my soul and recharge the inner me. 

If I wasn't doing so, I would have completely missed a really great sight, Yesterday.  I had planned time to walk my dog, and I was being good and taking that time for myself when I saw a hawk dive bomb my dog.

Then I saw the hawk's real goal wasn't my little black labradoodle at all, but the same rabbit that I now saw her chasing out of a thicket and toward a vineyard.  The hawk pulled up just as the rabbit went bounding away from my excited dog, and I could almost hear it thinking, balefully:  I hate dogs...........

I'm sure that the hawk probably got another rabbit for breakfast after we left the field and went home.  There are always more rabbits in the field. 

So I take heart that I'm on the right track with planning some fun in between massages, and continue that effort with filling in some time to spend with my 8 yr. old son over this Valentine's week-end, and some time with my son and my husband, and some with just my husband. 

My philosopy is that everyone needs some time alone, so when I am with my son, my husband has his alone time, and everyone needs some time with each family member one on one, and everyone needs some time with family as a group. 

My other philosophy is that what gets put on the calendar gets done, and what doesn't goes by the way side, so be very sure that you're calendaring just things that are really important to you.  If you're calendaring things that you do because other people expect you to do those things, even though you don't really want to, then you are allowing yourself to be ruled by outside forces, and your calendar becomes your nemesis, rather than your most useful tool.

Do you dread looking at it to see what comes next, or do you feel joined to it at the hip, because your life is so busy that you can't keep the day's tasks in your head? 

Joined at the hip is better, but not perfect.  That's where I am now, so I know it's a good time to slow down and make some more adjustments, and maybe add another day off to my week.  As I said, I'm still learning how to run my business.  .....................and my life. 

And maybe that's not so bad.  Maybe we can all stand to remember that we're all still learning or needing to learn how to run our lives.  Not such a bad example to set for our kids- the example of being willing to continue to learn for a life-time.  That's an example that I know I want to set for my son.

Now, if you've really read this blog down this far, and can summarize it when you come to see me, we will discount $5. from your massage that day.

Humbly Yours:  Sue Hirsch- Owner of Perfect Day Massage.

  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage