The Mexican Plate of Life

The Mexican Plate of Life

How often have you heard this one?:  You should eat everything on your plate, because there are always people less fortunate than we are, somewhere, who would be thrilled to have even half of what we have on our plates at meal times.

Half our problem is that we often have too much, and it's not just our dinner plates that I'm talking about.  We have so much that we need to re-learn how to balance everything on our figurative plates. 

What my Mom told me is that Mexican people, when they didn't have a lot of meat, figured out that beans, rice, and corn together, make a whole protein.

They learned how to put the proper portion of each of those things on their plates, to be well nourished.  Life should be balanced enough to be as nourishing as your favorite well balanced meal, and when I say meal, I'm talking about real food- not that addictive and convenient source of calories, made up of starch, preservatives, colorings, fat, salt, and sugar that comes in a pretty box in your grocer's freezer.

Keeping it real is as important to your life as it is to your diet.

How do you REALLY like to spend your time?  How do you REALLY like to exercise?  What line of work would you REALLY be in if nothing else mattered?  Who would you hang out with, if your happiness were ALL that mattered.  What if you were to REALLY take charge of all those facets of your life, and get it back into balance?

Sound like a lot?  It is.

Here's the good news:  It's okay to work on just one or two aspects of your life at a time, because believe it or not, that small change to improve one part of your life will carry over into other parts of your life.

Maybe you're tired all the time, and you get over-whelmed just thinking about getting off the couch to clean part of the room you're in.  (Hmmmmm, this starts to sound a bit like me).  Maybe you actually need to deal with your energy level before you can deal with the sad state of the terribly cluttered house.

Okay, so maybe clutter isn't the issue for you that it is for me, but almost every facet of your life could probably be improved, if  your health and fitness level were to improve a bit.

Maybe you'd sleep better, if you could find the time and or energy to be getting just a little more exercise.

Everyone's life is different, and comes with it's own glitches.  And we go through phases, and crises.  Sometimes life is fine and dandy, and we get into a comfortable routine, and then we realize that we have become just a little too comfy in that routine.  Sometimes the not so good routines are comfy too, because they're familiar.

Like getting too little sleep, and solving the problem by drinking your usual espresso every morning, and maybe another in the afternoon.  You've solved the problem of being sleepy, during the day, but have perpetuated the same nightly issue that caused the original problem.

Hmmmmmmmmm.  Sounds a little like me, again.

Long story short:  I found a good multi-vitamin, which gave me plenty of energy, so now I can exercise more, so I'm losing weight and sleeping better.  Soon, I won't even be snoring anymore.  My hubby and I will both start sleeping better for that, and that will improve the entire home life, and I might eventually even let people start taking photos of me again.

Like I said:  Improving one aspect of your life, can improve others, across the board. 

Lately, I am more clear thinking as well, so it is easier to clear physical clutter, and to make better decisions about what we need to do to keep our finances in good shape.

I am able to plan and study for my future as a Life/Wellness Coach so that I can teach what I know about the Mexican Plate of Life to others, one on one, because not only do we sometimes have to make a whole protein, we also sometimes have to make a whole life. 

Some people use the visual aid of juggling the balls of your life.  I use the Mexican Plate of real food, because a "whole life" will nourish and fulfill you like nothing else in the Universe, and the only one who can create it is you, and it will always be a work in progress. 

My Mom was piecing together a quilt once, and using a felt like material, and sticking it up on the backing that she'd hung on the wall, so that she could get a good look at the placement of everything before she even pinned it down.

I saw the quilt in progress, and said:  Oh, you're making another quilt.  her response was a disheartened:  Ya, and I can't wait until it's done, because I'm really not happy with the way it's turning out.

I thought for a moment, looked at her, went to the wall, took down the quilt and shook it.  Pieces flew everywhere.  "There".   I said.  "You're done.  Now do one you like".

Sometimes it is that simple. 

Every day is a chance to re-create your life, or to get started on re-creating it, a piece at a time.

  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage