Good for Something

Good for Something

My husband and I are invited to a wedding in June.  The invitation was a poignant reminder of our own very beautiful wedding and reception at which the main attraction, for us, was the music.  What made the music wonderful, for us was that it was actually "dancable" for people familiar w/ good social dancing.

What I didn't realize until now, is how effective a preventative it is, against frightful neurological ills such as Alzheimers and other unfortunate disfunctions common to old age. 

My husband, (ever on the alert to such scientific research) forwarded this link to me.  I only wish that the page had the Facebook icon on it somewhere so that I could share it with the world.  Please, please, please pass this on to friends and loved ones.

I always wondered why youngsters that I knew had started dancing at and early age just seemed so much more mature than their peers.  It's because mentally, they are more mature, and dancing is the vehicle that got them there.

My ever supportive, caring and all round wonderful hubby took me to his own dance teacher, before our wedding, and together they taught me to dance our first Wedding Waltz.  I think I managed to not look too much like the proverbial bull in a china shop, in my big white dress.  Mom said that my big brother's jaw dropped, at the sight of his "little- kid-boogie-only-because-everything-else-looks-stuffy" sister, and I would give anything to go back and see his face at the time.

So apparently it went off pretty well, and everyone else seemed to enjoy the music as well.  That Waltz and the last half hour of the music, before the band had to pack up were the best parts for me.  In the last half hour, I had kicked off my little white dancing shoes, and had gone back to my "little-kid-boogie" with the other little kids.  You know, the ones from my "Bride's Retinue" according to the wedding play book that was handed out that told everyone who we were, and everyone else in the wedding party, and who had written the wedding pro and recessionals.................Oh yes, that's right:  That would be my enormously talented hubby, again. 

(Don't tell me you didn't hear another brag coming, a mile off).

Well, (to get back to the original point- FINALLY) we were a bit surprised to learn that the lovely couple getting married in June aren't social dancers, and were still trying to come up with a "play list" for their DJ.  We began to realize that America, while it is the Land of Excess is not naturally or instinctively into such healthful past-times as truely good dancing.

Somehow, the people of Africa, and Latin America are closer to their rhythmic roots than we are, and to them dancing seems to be as natural as breathing.  It is an inegral part of their cultural heritage, and rhythm seems to run in their blood. 

Here in America, it seems to have been diluted and even replaced by the past times of "clubbing", eating, and work-outs which tend to take less thought and co-ordination, which is a bit sad, if you think about it, but at least we are getting our poor little rich country back on track in terms of healthy past times and healthy diet. 

More fruit is being served in school cafeterias, and schools are advocating for more exercise programs for our kids, and planting community gardens on their school grounds.  America is improving itself in some important ways.  It would be nice if our government officials would make it a little easier to keep that up by spending a bit more on our schools. 

Our schools are hugely important for the beginnings of healthful past-times and independent thinking and if we were really being smart, they would also give birth to real mediators and ambassadors of good will. 

Why do we not have an educational system that gives as much time to the teaching of social skills and graces as it does to the teaching of the traditional skills- reading, writng, n rithmatic?

I have a good friend who not only agrees with me on this point, that this is a serious lack of our system, but has a plan to do something about it, herself.  She intends to start a school called the Wishing Star, as an offshoot of her already established:  S.H.E. Academy. 

You may want to look her up.  Her name is Helen Greico, and she is a published authoress of a book that should be required reading in High School or College.  It is called:  The Guide to the Relationship Galaxy for Dates & Mates. 

Helen is a Clinical Psychologist, and has been my very good friend for many years now, and that makes me lucky beyond what the spoken word can tell, considering the experience behind her advice, and willingness to listen.

I can only hope that all my readers will benefit by this blog in one way or another, and pass it on to others who matter to them, and that you all have friends who are as valuable to you, as Helen, and several others are to me.

Yours' in Service
  Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage