My warm

 My Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I've mentioned before, my thoughts on this wonderful country of ours' being the Land of Excess.  At the same time, the little plastic bear that I squeeze in the morning to sweeten my tea with honey gives me my warm fuzzy feeling for the day.

I know that there are countries in which people are hoping against hope that they will be able to scrape up enough money for a small bowl of rice at the end of the day, and that there are long lines at every soup kitchen in this and other countries, and that there may always be bread lines here, in Russia and in many other countries, and I am thankful beyond measure that I live hear instead and that I have as many blankets as I want on my bed that I share with my husband who sometimes steals them, and at other times kicks them off.

I count my blessings each and every day, and living free, here in America, where others have fought for and won my freedom for me, long ago, so that now, I can take it for granted.  Being free and warm and well fed, I count as well more than just 3 blessings.  And my earnest wish for everyone is that we all see these things for the blessings that they are, and remember at least once a month that our state of happy repletion came at a price that was probably paid by someone else, and that that price is probably just out of reach for many, like the man on the street corner, who hopes that you will put just a few more pennies in his cup, so that he can put them together with the ones he's gotten from other compassionate souls, and have enough at the end of the day to get a Quarter Pounder from the Jack In The Box just a few feet away from his street corner. 

Freedom is still just out of reach for many ladies of the Middle East who are at the mercy of their fathers, husbands, older and even younger brothers in every way.  They have no status or say in their own lives or life-styles. 

We, here in America are replete with our freedom, as we are replete with our Super sized Happy Meals, and the ludicrous number of shoes in our closets, so that we can have a pair for every purpose and style or color of apparel, and our contentedness has blinded us at times to the state of the world around us where plenty is not a given.

And I deeply apologize if I have offended anyone, or depressed anyone with this blog that was so outside my usual scope.  I am usually the upbeat funny girl, because this wonderful American life of having as opposed to having not agrees with me, and because there are little plastic bears of honey to squeeze, and a warm home to go to after work.

And because there are coffee houses on almost every block where we can get a scone or a schmeer (bagel with spread for those of you not acquainted with the yiddish which has graduated to the status of American jargon)  in the mornings with our coffee on our way to work.
  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage