View from a..................

View from a Pigeon-hole

I sit at my desk and look round at my room, and wish I hadn't.  Don't pretend you don't know the feeling.  We've all been where I am now, where it seems like no matter how much time you spend organizing and cleaning a room, it just gets messy again a few hours later, and stays that way until you get up the gumption to organize it all again.

This is typically when my mind wanders and gets my heart all tied up in sweet creamy butter balls as I remember one particular family get- together meant to honor the Patriarch of my husband's side of our extended family.

I had told my then only about 3 yr. old son, before we arrived that everyone that he was going to see at this party was a cousin, aunt, or uncle, and that he could go to any of them and get hugs.  So he took that to heart and wandered round the room freely while the guest of honor made his speech and got exactly the re-actions I had predicted.

One cousin in particular, will forever have my love and loyalty.  When my little son wandered his way, he simply scooped him up and held him so that he could see the speech maker, all the while nuzzling the top of my son's downy little head.  My son was content to sit in his cousin's arms for upwards of an hour, and quietly listen to the rest of the speech.

The last time I took to this train of thought, I had just witnessed a similarly sweet tableau in a local restaurant.  I watched as a grandmother smiled and chuckled at something her grand daughter had just said, and then the grandmother shared the joke across the table with her daughter. 

So my theme here seems to be inter-generational, but wait.  Those of you who know me, will remember that I rarely stick to just one theme. 

We have many wonderful local eateries in our town.  I was in Hallie's Diner when I saw the 3 generations sharing breakfast and a loving moment that went with it.  The eatery where my son and I usually share our warm fuzzy moments is called Aqus Cafe.

We were there this morning, in fact, before I took him to camp.  There were some interesting faces there, as well.  Whenever I go out, I look at people's faces.  I see beauty in the differences. 

I see heavily lined faces that speak to me of laughter and wisdom, and of the wisdom of laughter.  I see hard faces that speak of the harder moments of life.  I see faces as open and curious as my own, looking for what makes us the same, as opposed to different. 

What things bring us together, instead of dividing us?  How are you like me?  How can we get together and make things happen for our whole town?  Our county?  Our state?  Our country? 

Too often we forget that we really are more alike than different, and that there are many ways in which we need each other.  Shakespear said that the World is but a stage..............  I say that the world is but a card table and that we are the puzzle pieces lying on it, and that the only way we really matter or make sense is if we come together to make a complete picture.

Downtown Petaluma wouldn't be what it is, if it were missing a few shops, like a theater, a knittery, or an ice-cream parlor.  What if there were a garbage collector or two missing from town?  What if it were the one that picks up on your street? 

Sure, you might get to sleep a little later the morning the collector is supposed to come and suddenly doesn't, but then you'd have to haul your own trash to the dump, and aren't you busy enough every day?

So considering that maybe we need the people sitting to our left and right, at the diner, wouldn't it behoove us to at least be courteous to them, if we're not actually going to get to know them?  They may be applying for that teaching job at your kids' school, or looking for work at your kids' dentist office. 

Or maybe they just have the piece of the local paper that you'd like to see when they're finished with it. 

Well, I'm off to haul my garbage to the dump now................Not really.

Yours' in Service.

  Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage