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Some things really need no explanation.  I figured this repeated offense by the Cub Scouts, against equality rated it's own blog because it's probably not commonly known that the Cub Scouts act out their homophobia in such a blatant manner and get away with it all the time.

If knowledge is power, than I am here-by offering all my readers this power.  Now you know.  Now you can do something about it, and since you can, do something about it, I believe that you have a responsibility to act, and that your actions and or inactions will say something very clear about who you choose to be and if you choose to be someone who sets a good example for our children and for those in this world who are simply incapable of higher thinking.

Homophobic type thinking is exactly what led us directly to the Holocaust.  Jews weren't the only ones who died en masse during the Holocaust.  People of all types, religions, colors, etc. died because Hitler decided that they weren't good enough.  In his eyes, they weren't good enough to co-exist with the Arian Race, hence their co-existance threatened the lively-hoods and there-by the lives of his perfect, pure-blooded Arian brothers. 

If you are following current events, than you know that Germany is still making reparations for this event that many are now too ashamed to admit ever happened.  Many are, indeed, trying to re-write history to sweep it under the rug, and telling us that the Holocaust was all in our heads and that the Jews are making it up to get sympathy and reparations to which they are not entitled.

Dear Readers, if the Holocaust is a new concept for you, and you really know nothing about it, than I ask you to consider the Homophobia of the Cub Scouts on it's own merits, meritless as it is.  It is the policy of an out-dated and insecure mentality based on the lie that Homosexuality is bad and that people who live alternate life-styles are sick and godless, and choose to be so, and that their "disease of Homosexuality" could be contagious.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Scientists have proven that homosexuality is not always a choice.  In fact, they've proven that it is a characteristic of a certain rather common chromosomal make-up. 

News flash: Chromosomes are not a symptom of any disease.

I leave it to you.  Is exclusivity and fear and ignorance and intolerance something that you really want to teach our children?  If that is the case, please have at it.  All you have to do is nothing.  Simply continue about your web surfing, then go have a snack, get back to work, have a nice hot bubble bath and let someone else take a stand for what is right.

Let someone else do the thinking.  Let someone else concern themselves with equality and creating a world that accepts all sorts of diversity and difference and allows people who are different to live their lives in peace and side-by-side with others who are "normal". 

And what's "normal"?  I know I'm not, and if Homophobic is normal and I'm going to hell because I'm not, then I'm thrilled to be something other than "normal".

This is where I make my "stand".  For this, I make no apologies.  If you expect one for this blog, I can't recommend holding your breath. 

Homophobia, and other bigotries are wrong, and there is no shade of grey about it.  You either think for yourself, and then live and let live, or you fail to make a better world by not doing so.  You continue to promote those out-moded beliefs that you can catch being Homo/bi-sexual, black, white, Oriental, mentally or other-wise challenged.  You propogate the fear based bigotry that purports to marry itself to the strictly interpreted Judeo-Christian Bible.

Please don't think that I am bible- bashing.  If you love to read the bible and it gets you through your long hard days, then more power to you.  On the other hand, please don't bother wasting your breath trying to tell me, yet again, that I'm going to hell because I don't read the bible, and consider your God to be my God, and because I happen to feel that Gay people are just as much people and just as entitled to prosper, pray, and enjoy Cub Scouts as the rest of us.

I can't change your mind, unless you're willing to allow for that change.  If you're capable of opening your mind and heart enough to see through someone else's glasses, and walk in their shoes, and admit that underneath it all, we all have the same needs and desires, and that we're all a lot more alike than we realize, and I had some small part in creating that shift in you, then I congratulate myself that I may have put a tiny dent in the huge task of being a servitor of our world.

I believe that charity starts at home, and close to it.  The Cub Scouts have chapters every-where, and claim to be teaching our young sons to be responsible young men.  This claim has been put to the test and it has failed to hold true.  Yes, they teach preparedness and survival skills to some extent, but on a grand scale they are training up leaders who will lead the way back to the dark ages in which we are filled w/ fear and hate for the unknown, instead of forward to a more peaceful world in which we all co-exist or at least tolerate differences and don't look to quash eachothers rights at every turn.

Consider the current fracas over Gay Marriage rights.  How is that anyone's business but that of the two people wanting to get married, and the officiant that would marry them, if the law wasn't such an ass and a busy body? 

So are we going to be Ostriches and allow the legislature to step on the civil rights of a small group, as their testing ground to establish the ease with which they will be able to step on larger groups of us?  Or are we going to stand up for what's right, and once in a while sign a petition and vote for the candidates who will support the rights and freedoms of all? 

And which of those two types of actions teaches our children what we would really rather they learn? 

In hopes for a better world for your children and mine: 

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage