blogging again

I tried to make fried plantains, this evening.  I can only hope that my grain free breads come out better than my fried plantains. 

My son tasted the plantain, and very sensibly opened to drawer of the fridge and pulled out the bag of grapes.  I, on the other hand, kept tasting the plantain, hoping that I'd find a tastier part as I neared the far end of the piece I'd begun.

As I said, I can only hope that my first attempt, Tomorrow at baking grain free bread comes out better.

The truth is that I've already, sort of tried to bake grain free bread.  I was so impatient to try a recipe that I'd found, that I couldn't wait to buy myself the loaf pans that the recipe called for, so I tried it in my crock pot. 

I've baked bread with my Dad, in loaf pans in the oven before, but never in a crock pot, and never on my own.

My loaf was an inch thick at it's thickest point, and made of flax and almond meal.  It was tastey, but I think that it was supposed to come up higher.  No matter.  My son approved of the bread, and enjoyed it under a burger that night, and I had an open faced sandwich the next day, and another one Today, and ate some w/ my chicken, last night, while my hubby and son had tater tots. 

Potatoes, rice and other grains are not a part of the Caveman diet which is my latest attempt to lose some weight.  I've lost a couple pounds this past week, since I started the diet and I'll let you all know when I lose a couple more and how my various breads turn out.  In case you're interested, because some of these recipes actually sounded really yummy, here's the link to the page where I found the recipes for the breads:

Happy baking.

Please feel free to email me about your baking/dieting experiences.  Just know that I may mention your email, or snatch excerpts from it to paste into my blogs.  I will, however, refrain from mentioning your name in my writings, unless you specifically ask me to mention it, and I feel that it has relevance to me or my readers. 

Can you tell that I have control issues?  I like to keep control of my blog content.  I'm funny that way.

Speaking of things I control..........or like to think I do (hear the shameless plug coming)?:  My girls and I are having a blast massaging you Marinites and Wine Country Folk.   Please keep coming to see us.  You're all very welcome.

Well, it wasn't shameless, perhaps, as much as unabashed, or unsubtle.

We do get booked up to a week ahead, so be sure to make your appointments well ahead:  707-762-3578.

Another night has gone by since I began working on this particular blog post, and I'm back to the control issue, again.  Surprisingly, maybe, I let go of some control this morning.  I let my son make his own lunch.  This may seem like a little thing, but when you have an A type personality and really want everything done NOW, and your child is already 3 days away from being 9 years old, it's kind of a big deal.

In another week or so, I should be able to trust that he'll cover most of the food groups, and not grow up thinking of simple carbs and other junk foods as a staple of our diet.

Not quite sure who thought that staples in one's diet were a good idea, anyway.  Staples belong in paper, not in our diet!

Now, don't tell me you didn't hear that one coming a mile away. 

One more point, in closing:  Figuring out what kind of diet makes you clear headed and keeps your tummy feeling good and boosts rather than suppresses your immune system is imminently worth your time and money.  The wrong foods can, in fact, suppress/deteriorate your immune system, and perpetuate and aggrevate conditions such as ADD/HD, Tourettes, Epilepsy, and the more evident ones such as Diabetes, and hypo/hyper-glycemia, etc. 

And I have only barely touched on the tip of the ice-berg.  Please do some reading about your own conditions or concerns if you have any, as they relate to diet, because adjusting your diet can almost always alleviate your particular symptoms.

I sincerely hope that I've opened some pairs of eyes with this post.  If I've done that or even just gotten a chuckle out of you, then I can die happy................Later. 

Yours' In Service

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage