Ethics and Work Ethics

 Ethics and Work Ethics

I have been endeavoring to subtly, and not so subtly, cause the standard raising of certain persons. To protect the innocent and avoid charges of liable, I will only mention one, specifically: My son. Every parent strives to raise good kids to be decent people.

This training apparently goes out the window when the kids are grown into politicians or owners of large corporations and there is money at stake.

This conclusion was brought home to me, this week, when I tried to post a job position on those allegedly free e-bulletin boards created for just that purpose. I tried one after another of these services that tauted themselves as free to the user, was prompted thru typing in my demographics, contact info, description of the work offered, only to find myself asked, 10 minutes later for my favorite payment option.

I can't wait to make an example of these falsely advertizing on-line companies to my young son, (so please keep doing what you're doing Restfly et al) How is is that kids have a clearer sense of what is fair than leaders of fortune five hundred companies, and others people of influence and notoriety?

Wouldn't our kids call this sort of false advertizing lying? Hmmmm. I wonder.

I don't lie to my clients. I schedule them for a massage, and they know what they are going to get, when they're going to get it and how much it will cost them.

Perfect Day Massages even come with a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

That will continue to be my policy until my business ends up on top, for it's high standards. We don't make Hebrew National hot-dogs, or advertize on TV about our high standards in the way they do. We give good massage in our home town of Petaluma, CA. and we really hope you like it, and we're sure that you will come back for more.

I've made some mistakes on my way to becoming the Mom owned business that I am, and I'm sure I'll make more. I can only hope that my high standards, like being prompt and honest, and serving with a smile will bring clients back and continue to rub off on the girls who work for me.

And when Restfly and all those other on-line companies tell you that they are going to perform a free service for you, and then try to charge you for it, after you've been hooked in, I think that we should at the very least, give them an earful, and some scathing reviews.

Your mission, (read: challenge) then, if you choose to accept it, is to find a company, on-line that offers the truely free service of posting job listings, and relay that information to me, and yes, I've tried Craigslist, thank you. They're great, but for all the scammers that go there to get your email add. and send you email solicitations, until your poor in-box has a nervous break-down from advertizing over-load.

In the mean time, I'll continue my 18+ year mission, (What?! Even Captain Kirk was only in it for 5 yrs)! of raising my son to be the same kind of decent, young man that my husband is: affectionate, supportive and gentle, as well as driven to acheive with integrity. He already knows all about honesty and even about honesty in advertizing, and will soon know even more, because that is Mommy's current pet peeve.

Hope you have better luck than I did, Dear Readers.

Sue: Owner- Perfect Day Massage.