Philosophy and Affectation

Philosophy and Affectation

As I may have mentioned before, it is my philosophy that when we stop stretching ourselves, and looking for new adventures and new things to excited our interest and stimulate our minds, that is when we begin to die.

My other philosophy, for those of you who have happened to stumble upon my blog by way of a Groupon, is that my Groupons expire only when I do, and maybe not even then, if God's Right Hand AKA: Caroline still wants to inherit the business from me.

Now, please don't get the idea that I really think of myself as Omniscient and or Omnipotent. I need no worshipers. Tips will do fine.

I'm sure that you will allow me to put on my little airs. I only do it to amuse myself, because the idea of me being in charge of anything as official as a business is odd enough that it really should amuse everyone.

I wasn't even sure, when my son was a few days old, that I should have been put in charge of his tiny life, but that's post- partum for you. It tends to make a lot of us new Moms just a bit crazy.

So, following my own philosophy of stretching myself daily, and hunting after new adventures, I recently challenged myself by running Groupons to see if I could handle a real work-load if it came my way, and the answer, amazingly, was that I can handle it, with a small amount of help.

I had, in fact, quite a bit of help from wonderful friends, right at the beginning who helped me get moved into my new place so quickly that I was open for business again, two days later, here, at 800 Baywood.

Kim and Caroline have been my faithful sidekicks now, for almost 4 months. They hail from one of the very best schools in the Bay Area, and it's right here in our little town of Petaluma: The National Holistic Institute.

Dorothy is one of "Sue's Crew", as I call them, also, and she is rather new to the crew, so I'll have to let you know, later what school she hails from, as it momentarily eludes me. (See. Told you I'm not Omniscient).

So with my little band of merry women helping me to serve clients of Groupon and Perfect Day Massage (PDM) I can continue to stretch myself and expand my mind and my business in new ways,........ and hopefully my waistline will stay out of it, as that really needs no further expansion.

I have completed some training in Life Coaching and am being mentored by my own Life Coach. She's a brilliant lady who specializes in Couples Counseling and relationships. Her name is Dr. Wendy Lyon. You may want to look her up, or simply click the link:

On my journey of self improvement, I've recently discovered a great site for educational purposes. The on-line classes offered here are fun and very well designed to be easy to finish and user friendly:

I was enjoying the classes so much that we bought a year's membership, and I fully intend to wring it dry taking classes. I tend to take two or three concurrently, these days. At the moment, I'm working on Motivational Speaking, and Clutter Control. I've already gotten certificates in Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching and intend to further my education w/ some more mentoring and maybe a class that you can't get on-line.

So I will now be offering Life Coaching by itself and as package deals.  Please feel free to call and ask for a free half hour consultation, and leave a number and the best time to reach you.  I will usually call you back with in 12 hours.  If not, just ask God's R. Hand where I can be reached.