Essential Information

                             Essential Information

Everyone should install that application on their Smart Phone and start using it.  If our friedly neighborhood phone solicitors are blocked often enough, maybe they will give up ringing our cell phones while we are at work or trying to relax.

Another really great app to get is:  Stampt.  No need for punch cards in most businesses and retail places anymore.  Just scan a little hatchmark formed square with your Stampt phone app, and you're on your way to getting your 5th one free or whatever the great offer is that particular store or place of business.

Please feel free to share this info. with friends and family, as long as you think that they'll be interested, and please do share any apps with me that seem really great to you, as long as you don't mind my passing on the information to my readers, as I'm a very sharing kind of person.

I think it's nearly time to share some dinner with my family.  That's lucky for you, as it cuts my blog time a bit shorter than usual this evening, and prevents me from becoming as verbose as I was the other day.

Yours (as always) In Service

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage.
  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage