One of Those Days

 One of Those Days

My son has outgrown another pair of shoes Do kids do that as quickly as they do just to throw their parents for a loop and break the bank?

I'm actually covering some mushy Mommy sentimentality with a bit of humor there. Every new pair of shoes is the first hair cut all over again, for me.

What inspired the start of Today's blog was a repetition of the whine that I've been hearing all week, of course, that the shoes are too small. The catch is, that the new shoes are going to be a good bit too big, for a while, and they're only half a size bigger.

The shoe complaint was only one ring of our 3 ring circus this morning. We have mornings down to a science, most days, so they usually go smoothly, but for some reason, this morning was different.

I woke my son a few minutes late, so he couldn't do his usual 5 min. snooze. That may have done it, or more likely that we were a bit late, getting to bed last night, but in any case, he had a lot of trouble deciding what to put in his lunch this morning, but didn't really want help.

I waited as long as I could stand it, then helped.

He emptied the dishwasher instead, but not without a round of complaints about having wanted to make his own lunch.  I consoled him that he had put in the yogurt, and then I put our breakfasts on the table, and peace reigned for all of 5 or 10 minutes again.

The next test of my patience was the issues of the shoes being too small, and in my haste to get him to school, where I would leave the complaining behind with a saintly patient teacher, I forgot to open the dog flap, for the dog to get into the yard.

The dog apparently knows how to file a complaint too, because when I got home, I heard that she had woken my beloved hubby with her barking.

I didn't figure it was a good time to remind him that he had had at least an hour more sleep than I had had, or that I had to get to work soon, so I made sympathetic and apologetic wife noises, and walked the dog.

Then I got to work, and when I realized that I was being stood up by my second client for the day, I emailed the hubby about what a wonderful person I'd been all morning, because what is the good of being on the ball, patient, and heroic, if no one knows how great you were?

I'm figuring that's what Mother's and Father's and Grandparents' Days are all about, and since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I'd just toot a horn a bit on behalf of myself and all the other Moms out there.

And if you're the Dad, and you happen to be the one that gets the kid(s) up in the am and to school, and then you get to work, consider your horn tooted, too. And I never did believe in those little things that they put in the bell of the horn to soften the noise.

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