Waning and Waxing Sue

Waning and Waxing Sue

Do you ever wonder what goes through the mind of a typical blogger?  If you do then you'd better go looking somewhere else. 

I don't consider myself to be a typical anything, much less a typical blogger.  I'm a Mom who lets her kid jump on the couch.  I'm a massage therapist of over 12 years who is looking to start up a Life Coaching off-shoot to her massage business.  And I'm a wife who encouraged her husband to not get a 9-5 job.

I knew that my hubby would do better relying on his own smarts and resources, and he has.  He has created an on-line site to teach chess and to teach coaches how to teach chess.  It's called WWW.Chessmagnetschool.com and it is now marketed globally and doing quite well. 

So what does an A-typical "something- or- other" do in her spare time?  She chills with her kid, reads books on Life Coaching and other self-help books like the ones from the "for dummies" series, and I try to come up with really creative ways to be able to get some time to be alone with my husband.

I've discovered that it doesn't so much matter what we're doing together, just that we've taken to time to plan to be together.  I'm happy enough to just go grocery shopping with my husband while my son is in school.  By the same token, (refer to my previous blogs on investing in your relationships) I know that I need some alone time w/ my son, and watching a movie or reading at bed time, is fine with us.  It's about the only time we really get because of work and homework. 

I know that Summer will be very different, and yet not so different.  I will still have a huge work-load, because many of my Groupon clients have been sent into a tizzy by the fact that Groupon put an expiration date on my promotion. 

I choose to ignore it. 

For those of you who are holding Groupons, please note that they only expire when I do, and I have no plans to expire in this Century.  I'm so busy, that I don't have time to lay down and die.  My apologies to the Angel of Death, Father Time, and any other Heavenly Host that needs an apology for my not deigning to die on time. 

The rest of you (those who missed the Groupon promotions) should now sit up and take note.  Or if you were sitting up, maybe you should stand.  If you were standing, then why are we being so formal?  It's tiring:

Keep in mind that every once in a while I say in a blog that if you've read this blog and remember to comment on it when you come to see me for a massage, you will get $10. off your regularly $55/hr. massage.

This is one of those blogs.

Pop-Quiz:  How much will your hour of massage cost if you remember to mention how much you liked this blog?

So now that I've waxed verbose on little nothings, I am waning toward an end (not really) to another blog, and just wanted to mention that lately the tensions that have lain on my massage table, begging for relief could have been halved in their intensity before ever reaching me, by a very simple technique of self help called (wait for it) ..........BREATHING.

Yes, really.  I know that I'm being a bit silly in how I convey information here, but if you think about it, breathing is the only way to massage yourself from the inside, as it's the only way to really fill muscles until they s t r e t c h

If you've been to me for massage, then you know, but maybe aren't really aware that a lot of what I do is sport based technique in that while I'm simply rubbing your muscles, I'm also stretching them.  It's a push- pull thing.  If I run my elbow up your back that's fine, but it's always so much more effective, when I push your sacrum toward your feet while I'm doing it. 

It's just one of many tricks of the trade. 

Luckily, I'm not a magician, and there's no rule or law that says that I can't reveal the "tricks of the trade".  I say luckily, because that means that you- the reader- can learn from what I say. 

Of course we make our own luck, always, and one way to make your luck or turn it around in this case is to be willing to be edified.

I can't and wouldn't if I could, come whack you over the head with a book on Yoga poses or sport stretches that I found sitting on your coffee table, to get you to do those stretches.  (Oh wait- that's my coffee table).  Sorry, I get confused sometimes.

We don't learn by force.  And yes, I'm learning that, just now. 

It took every erg of patience in my system to watch my son learn to address his Thank You cards this year after his 9th birthday.  I was necessarily reminded that we learn by repetition and by being allowed to make mistakes.  We don't, in fact, learn much by our successes.

(You may want to re-read that little pearl of wisdom).

Yes, Success breeds Success, but only when it's based on real learning.  What it means is that you have already learned from having made your mistakes, and now you've gotten something right, and you are able to repeat the process in such a way as to continue to do something well, over and over.

The thing is that you can't rest on your laurels forever.  You will eventually have to take the next step.  If the next step requires only that you use the formula that you've already learned, then you're ok, but what if you have to add an element?  Can you then allow yourself to make more mistakes until you've completed the task of learning how to do the next step correctly, or are you going to be daunted by mistakes and discontinue the process of learning?

As an up and coming Life Coach, I will be teaching that all of life is an opportunity to learn, from moment to moment, and we have to learn what works toward bringing balance into our lives.  When all of the aspects of our lives are in good balance, we're happy and healthy.  When you're happy and healthy, you attract happy and healthy people to you, and life is good.

I can be the Life Coach that helps you figure out the first, next and last step toward becoming that happy and healthy person who has time for all the things in life that are really important to you. 

If you call to ask for a free half hour consultation, be sure to say your name and phone number TWICE clearly, and leave a good time and day for me to call you.

I love to give free half hour consultations.  Please feel free to call anytime from 7a- 9p to leave a message and I'll get back to you within 24hours as long as you're message comes through clearly on my machine.  Sometimes cell phones don't leave clear messages, so if I haven't called you back, in 24 hours, please try again on a land-line.

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage

  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage