Batten Down the Hatches and Hang on 'til Tomorrow

Sometimes all you can do is hunker down and wait.

I had to miss out on a family vacation, this week, because my body was telling me to slow down, in a way that I couldn't ignore. I was snuggling my 9yr. old son a lot in this past week, when he had a cold and was feeling clingy and vulnerable, so of course I got his cold, and for me, a cold is never just a simple head or chest cold. It's the whole 9 yards, with the body aches, and sore throat.

So I wished my husband and son Bon Voyage, early Yesterday morning, and continued my Star Trek marathon, with hot soup, and myriad homeopathic cold remedies and pizza that I had delivered for dinner later.

I fell asleep early and slept late. A rare luxury for me.

I'm not feeling a lot better, Today, but at least no longer feeling like I'm going to need anti-biotics to ward off Pneumonia or Strep Throat. So I guess since I'm not dying, I'd better get back to the business of living.

As living implies more than just survival, I suppose it behooves me to look to the continuation of Perfect Day Massage and the birthing process of it's off-shoot: Reap Your Dreams. Reap Your Dreams will introduce my Intuitive Counseling Business to the world at large, and I hope to be able to help my clients on an even deeper level than just through massage, via my Intuitive Counseling business, which at it's heart is going to be quite like Life- Coaching.
But I digress. ......

I had mentioned living as being unlike mere survival. If we want to do more than just survive, then what else is there? When we're surviving, we are simply assuring ourselves that our most basic needs are met, and no more, because for that moment, all our energy is going into getting those needs met and we simply have nothing more to put into securing our survival, much less living.

Living is what happens when we are certain that our most basic needs are met, not only Today, but will be met Tomorrow also, and that gives us time to plan for next week and next month, and next year, and so on.

Living starts with being able to plan ahead. Planning ahead starts with having the time to have a vision or a dream of your ideal future.

Dream work has never been a problem for me. I've always been a dreamer. For others it's harder to get in touch with the part of the self that acknowledges great possibilities, and envisions participation in fantastic adventures or the creation of peaceful and harmonious places and activities.

I see my ideal work as guiding individuals in discussions that will open the doors of their minds to these incredible potentialities. The truth is that everyone has within them what they need to fulfill their deepest desires and potentials.

Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh perspective, or for someone to ask the simple questions that are sometimes so hard to hear, like: Why aren't you doing what you want to be doing right now? What's stopping you? What would you be doing if you were taking the first step to make your dream your reality?

You'll know exactly how hard it is for you to hear these questions, when you read them and hear yourself answering back in your head.

Whatever your answers are, they're perfectly valid. At the same time, it's you who are giving those answers the power to hold you back from acheiving your dreams.

One at a time, you can challenge each of the answers that you immediately heard in your head, in response to the questions above, and find a way to circumvent it, or act in spite of it, to continue your journey to where you really want to be.

So, yes, in a way, I'm saying that: It's all in your head. That is where the dream takes shape, and the game plan is formed.

The mind is a fantastic thing. It can motivate and be motivated, or it can hinder a process with hesitancy.

What you have to decide is how do you want to use your mind. Do you want to let circumstances control you, or do you want to be a bit more forethinking and in charge of your own future?

Change for the better doesn't have to be a drastic, all at once sort of thing. It can be tiny things.

Clear the clutter from one corner of a room and you may see things more clearly in some other aspect of your life. Change your morning routine around a bit, and something else may change too. Listen to a different radio station coming home from work. What you hear may surprise you.

There are stations that relate history, play ethnic musics, and tell you how to change your carburator.
These are just examples. They don't relate to any particular situation. They're really only meant to show how minor a change has to be to cause a larger shift in your day, which in turn may effect your year.

What if you had no opposoble thumbs? How would your life be different? It's a tiny difference that would make your entire life completely unlike what it is, now.

With no opposable thumb, typing this blog would be a lot more difficult, because I'm used to hitting the space bar, frequently with one thumb or the other.