Mickey's On My Side

Far be it from me to speak ill of our tax system...........

Now, don't you just know that I'm about to take a pot shot at Uncle Sam?

Okay, so here's my beef of the moment:  I'm supposed to receive some money back from the government and they're asking for multiple proofs of who I am.

I never asked the government to give me multiple proofs of I.D. when I paid my taxes, like a good little citizen.  Now that I'm supposed to get some of that back, I have to prove that I'm me?
I have over 10 years of daily diary entries that should do the trick, and a life time accumulation of other clutter if it doesn't.  Like those little ballot stubs from the last time I voted, and dentist appointment reminders that keep coming to me from a dentist that I no longer patronize.  (Yes.  I can be very patronizing when it suits).

I have magazines that come to me in the mail that I never subscribed to, and a phone book that arrived on my door step Today, and is still in it's cellophane cover.

A plethora of retailers and the post office that delivers their endless streams of junk mail seem to know that I'm me, and exactly where I live in E. Petaluma.  I even get calls at a number that I haven't had a chance to memorize yet.  It's my work number and unpublished, yet somehow not only clients but solicitors by the droves know and use that number.

Like you, I pay and pay and pay into our country's coffer, for the maintenance of our roads, our welfare system, accomodations for those who are mentally and physically challenged, as well as for those who have damaged their bodies, knowing full well what they were doing at the outset.
You know who you are, you pack- a- day- smokers.  I see you guiltily fondling that pack you've hidden in a roll of your shirt sleeve.

I can live and let live and even forgive you your smelly habit, as long as you don't get it anywhere near me or my tax dollars.

I'm glad to join my fellow man, in paying for road repair, preservation of natural resources and schools, and welfare like programs and shelters for all in need.  Of course any of these arms of the government will take my monetary contributions on a whim without asking for my name, much less my social security number.

So why now, do I need to be able to lay hands on a card with a number that was assigned me over 40 years ago?

I have been self-employed for at least half that time now, so I have no pay stubs to mail in.  I do have giant scrap books full of pictures of me in my wedding dress and over 150 people who were there and would testify in a court of law that I am Sue Hirsch, nee Sue Shaw.

Who has the government got to testify for them in a court of law that I'm not me?
It was perfectly easy to get on a plane and into Disney Land this past week.  Jet Blue and Disney believed that I was me.  Maybe I should ask Mickey Mouse to vouch for me to Uncle Sam...........