To Disney and Beyond!!!

Well, like I said in my latest email to all my clients, Disney Land can't hold a candle to the snuggles I got in the airport as we waited for our flight home. 

Don't get me wrong.  D.Land is fabulous.  I loved every minute of it just as much as my 9 year old son did.  I was willing to walk miles back and forth through that park, on each of our three days there, and wait for up to 75 minutes in lines for some of the rides and 45 minutes in others, because it was a "Family Vacation" and there was always the chance of seeing some of our all time favorite characters walking the grounds, while we waited in line.

We did indeed see many of the Disney characters and got a picture with a few.  My son even got a glossy diploma from the Master Jedi of the day, for participating in a directed improv of a sort of Star Wars re-mix. 

Factoid:  There are 54 different movie reels used for the Star Tours ride.

We took full advantage of that fact and did the Star Tours ride 4 times in the three days that we were in D.Land. 

Factoid:  Fast Passes are essential.

You can only be holding passes for one ride at a time in each park.  Usually you have time to take in a ride, while waiting to be able to use your fast pass on another ride, and then you can get another fast pass for another ride on your way to the other park, and so on.

Factoid:  Disney Land is keeping up w/ the food sensitivities of the times.

You're not going to believe this, so you're going to have to go experience it for yourselves.  Blue Bayou- a restaurant in the park- serves delicious Gluten Free meals, complete w/ Gluten Free bread rolls that come before the meal. 

Also, all the little concession stands that serve up your everyday burgers and fries offer Gluten Free buns for the asking, and the fries are not dredged in the dreaded white flour that plagues so many of us who must be Gluten Free at all costs.

I won't bore the rest of you with yet another sermon on awareness for the sake of those of us with food sensitivities.  Just something to keep in mind, if you ever decide to run a huge amusement park or other hospitality business.  You can't call yourself a hospitality business person, if the food you serve isn't hospitable to the majority of the people, and the majority of the people have food sensitivities of one sort or another. 

Well, we're home now, and hoping that our own business lives haven't fallen to pieces in our absence.  I'm sure that I would have heard any bad news along the way, somewhere, if that were the case.  As I heard relatively little and all of it good, I have high hopes that I will be giving most of you therapeutic massage again soon.

Please call to schedule with Patty, the newest member of Perfect Day Massage.  She helps me out behind the scenes and makes the magic happen.

Yours' in Service

Sue Hirsch.