I Won't

Ever have one of those days, when there are a million constructive things that you could be doing with your time, and you simply come up against your own stubborn streak, telling you:  I won't.

You sit down in your favorite chair, instead, thinking to yourself: The laundry's not going anywhere; my kid needs to do his fair share of those chores anyway; my husband can take care of this other thing, and I can't go forward on that last thing on the list until he and my son do their part, so I'm going to do one of my favorite things instead. .....I'm going to justify every non-action with the most sensible excuse I can make for doing nothing.

We have a trip coming up, and I'm not packing. I told my husband that I would be in my office making a packing list, so in light of that, he is playing computer games with our son to keep him out of my hair. I could easily be packing 14 of everything for this 5 day trip for my son: 14 pair of pants, 14 pair of socks, 14 shirts, 14 pair of undies........Believe it or not, he will actually go through most of it during our 5 day trip.

 Instead, I'm waiting for my two favorite guys to come to a point where my husband feels that he has to check, again, on his programming projects, so that I can have my son get to work packing 14 of everything.

Luckily, my suitcase will be much lighter than my son's. The food that we're taking along will make up for it, though. I was certain that we were going to need enough Celiac friendly breakfast stuffs and snacks to feed an army, so I went out Yesterday, and bought several packages of dried fruit, wasabi peas, dried rice noodle soups, power bars, oatmeal, campers' bacon, etc. We may or may not go through all of it, but we do like our late night snacks, and breakfast fare at hotels is an iffy prospect when you have food sensitivities.

I am almost envious of our dog. I love to travel, but I also love to laze around home, and she will get to do just that.  She'll get to laze round home, because we are fortunate enough to have a good friend staying at our house while we are gone. We were worried, at first about how our two dogs would get along, but my mid-size Tigger (A Winnie the Pooh reference, and not a misspelling of "tiger") of a Labradoodle has become protective of my friend's little Rat Terrier. Nutmeg (my friend's dog) is the only dog that has ever been able to share a gopher hole with Shadow. Shadow has always been territorial about gophers that she has staked out.

Shadow stands in point pose over a gopher hole, when she is certain that there is one in the hole, and G-d help any other dog that gets close. Nutmeg is the only dog I've seen that hasn't gotten a rude, doggie style rebuke for coming between Shadow and one of her gopher holes.

Another couple things that I'm not doing right now, are emptying the dishwasher and shifting laundry. ...........again.

Of course I have several wonderful justifications. I haven't blogged in a while, and really needed to do that, and I did give a massage Today, and have 2 or 3 more to do Tomorrow, so I do need to conserve energy for that.

I guess procrastination is sometimes good for me and I really can't deny that it has it's place.

So, Dear Reader, I'm giving you my permission and my blessing to find a stopping place in your week for a few hours of contemplation or for doing precisely what you like, exactly when you want. These moments are as necessary as the more productive ones in our lives. They refresh us and give us time to remember forgotten dreams and priorities.

Remember to write down these dreams and priorities, or they will simply get lost again, in the busy-ness of every-day. If your dream is to be a great athlete, then it would follow that your top priority would be to practice your chosen sport for an hour or more daily or at least every other day. Establishing your priorities is only a matter of remembering your dreams and using them to create road maps to your end goals.

Those road maps are made of tasks broken down into smaller and smaller tasks so that you don't get over-whelmed and turn your moments of "procrastination"/reflection/rest into years of in-action because you are daunted by tasks that look impossible to complete. Rome was not built in a day.

Rome was not built in a day, so what of the legacy that each of us is trying to built and leave behind?

We all want to contribute, and be significant. Our dreams are just as important as any empire. Our dreams deserve to be brought to life. Trying takes some courage, as not every step toward your dream will be easy, but if it's the right dream, it will fill you with passion and the fire of life. When it's the right dream, it's all your's and you'll wake up everyday and be excited to get to work on it.

If you're not yet to the point where you wake up everyday wanting to get going on the first order of business, then we need to talk.

Call me for Intuitive Counsel: 707-762-3578

So ends my hour of procrastination and self promotion for Today. On to my hour of making my son do my chores as well as his.