Half a Tennis Ball

Half a Tennis Ball
Bet you thought that I was going to say that half a tennis ball is better than none. Actually, I am. It's better for the dogs that are play fighting over it, instead of over my socks. I type this watching my friend's little Rat Terrier go under my Labradoodle's chest, and try to "bite" anything she can get hold of on the way, whether it's the half a tennis ball that they're "fighting" over, or my Labradoodle's legs.

That's about all Nutmeg can get her mouth around, is Shadow's legs or tail. And they never close their teeth on eachother. They're very careful, and I never hear more than play growls out of them. Truely, it looks more like their hugging and kissing than play biting at eachother.

I haven't walked them yet, and they could really use it. Of course I could have used a bit more sleep, in these past two days, as well, but I can't blame the dogs for that. There's a bird outside the window that seems to think that I need to be awake by 5:30am every morning. And then there was the client this morning that thought it was imperative that she text me before 7, when I'd moved down to the couch to avoid being woken for a 2nd consecutive morning by the bird

And just when I'd dozed off again, I got another text from my friend, asking if it was an ok time to drop off her little dog.

I guess when the Universe means for me to be able to sleep late, I'll either have made enough money to take a week-end retreat, without my cell phone, or I'll be 6ft. under...............without my cell phone.