Selective Memory

Selective Memory

What if we could actually choose the moments that we wanted to remember, and then almost forget the things that weren't so pleasant? What if I were to tell you that we were already doing that, most of the time, without even being aware of it?

Unfortunately I see this when I look at Yelp reviews. I know that for every unsatisfied customer that decides to air their opinion publically, there are at least 10 to 15 other customers of that business that have eagerly continued to use the services of that company or business.

I also know that I am hard pressed to remember times when I felt that my parents were expressing pride in me or my accomplishments, while I can recount any number of times when they made me feel one inch tall. 

There are a lot of therapists who would read that and jump at the chance to start treatment, Today.  Sorry Doctors.  I'm really not in the market for counseling sessions.

What is it that our dogs remember?  I'm no dog behaviorist, but I see my dog sit and roll over, repeatedly, on command when I'm holding a piece of meat or cheese.  I suspect, since she does this, that she remembers what my commands sounded like last time, and that last time she obeyed she was rewarded with the yummy thing in my hand.

What if we remembered like dogs, seemingly from moment to moment and just the really important things?

What if we all lost our long term memories?  We might not remember things that happened to us when we served in the armed forces, and maybe the fun things that we did as kids would be all fun and new again.  Maybe we'd fall in love with our partners all over again, and every day, we'd be amazed again at their hidden talents and accomplishments.

Some would argue that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  I would have to agree, and yet...........and yet there are many things that would be so much better forgotten. 

What about a remembered fall from a horse that kept you from riding on the beach later with your beloved?  What about that embarrassing note that you passed or received in seventh grade?  What about your remembered distaste for anything green that kept you from realizing how lovely mint jelly tastes with lamb?

What if we all chose to publically remember companies and businesses and sitters that did a really great job for us?  Is there any reason to think that other companies wouldn't then try to measure up to those accolades as well? 

The latest research tells us that the best way to train dogs is not with punishment, but with positive enforcements and treats.  Latest research says much the same thing about raising kids who want to acheive.  They will keep wanting to please us, or at least to get our attention.  If they find that all they can get is negative attention, then they will do their best to get that.

A bit of compassion and understanding would also go a long way toward helping us to create a sustainable community. 

Many of us are operating small businesses on a shoe string.  We are self-employed, and as such, we miss out on things that employess take for granted, like a healthcare plan thru our employers, regular pay checks, and our very work environment. 

We really appreciate your business, and feel good about helping to keep tax dollars here in our own community.  When we've done something for you that a chain couldn't do for you, like personalizing your experience, in some memorable way, we would really love to hear back from you, and even more so, if you can say a kind word about us publically on some site like Yelp.

Humbly Your's in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage