I was home this past week. I was supposed to have been in OR. watching my nephew get married with the rest of the family, but I was home.

I had a really good reason for being home, or a really lousy one, depending on how you look at it.

I was terribly sick.

Of course if I hadn't stayed home, then a couple of my "homegirls" wouldn't have had a place to stay while they were working on finding a new home.

Things had come to a head for them, and they're having to stay anywhere they can during this akward and uncomfortably homeless transitional phase.

They're staying with me, other friends, and occassionally at a Motel 6. They're not out of work, just out of a home.

The point is that I've had a chance to get to know them better and to become closer to them during this time, and I wouldn't have had that, if I'd managed to elude my son's cold and go to OR with my two favorite most guys in the world.

They were wonderful house guests. They understood that I was having a hard time recouperating from this cold, and cooked dinners for me, while they were here, and watched Voyager in the evenings as eagerly as I did. The miniature Rat Terrier that came with them was a super playmate for my labradoodle, and now they're inseperable partners in crime.

I had to get a tug toy for them, Today in order to keep all my socks intact.

They follow me around, socks and all, all day long, as I talk to them incessantly about the proper use of socks vs. tug toys, and how sweet it was to have a few all girl sleep-overs while my two favorite guys were in OR. (The Rat Terrier is now a frequent house guest while her Mommy is looking for a new place).

I'd forgotten how much I used to love sleep-overs.

I've been considering sleep-overs a lot lately, as we're talking about moving to HI in 3-5 years. I want to end up next to a good sized belly dance community, and own a house w/ a screened in Lanai, so that I can throw down lots of air mattresses for over-night guests when I host haflas.

Haflas are open floor belly dance parties. I love just about all dancing, and have been longing to get back to dancing with my beloved husband.

My days start early, and most days, I work hard. By the time 3 O'clock rolls around, I'm wiped out, and can't wait for dinner, just so that I can take the 8 hour nap that comes after.

But enough about me. Back to the parties that I'm going to host in HI. I'm planning to host my family's re-unions there. I've always been a party girl at heart.

Serendipitously, again, one of my friends who stayed over, this past week, happens to be a great drafter. I'm might just have her draft plans for our new home in HI when we get to the point where we can afford to start considering a move.

It's good to have plans and dreams and goals. They give us a reason to get up in the mornings, and to keep getting up time and again, no matter how trying was the day before.

And like I said, we don't have to wait for the New Year to create new resolutions. I fully intend to sell our gas guzzling mini-van while we're on this side of the ocean, and get myself a little hybrid in HI, when we get there. Just doing my part to keep the ocean blue.

Loving snorkeling as we do, it really behooves us to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Well, a new crisis has arrived on my door step. My cell phone has had it, and I need to get a new one, so that I'm not left without my calendar and a means of communication, in a pinch. Unfortunately, it looks as though I may have to give up the slide out key board feature of my cell phone. I was rather attached to it. ...

Well off to the Sprint Store in Novato. Cross your fingers for me that my phone is still under warrantee.