What If We Were All Dolphins?

What If We Were All Dolphins?

What if we were all dolphins? Would it mean an end to hunger? Would it mean inherently improved communication, and willingness to share? Or would it only eliminate psoriasis and undesirable baldness?

Dolphins and even some of our primate cousins have been known to rescue or protect people. When we turn away from the hungry people that we see on the street corners, why do we do that?

What if that person were in your own home?  Relation or not, would you still look the other way, or would you set an extra place at your table?

Some of us give pennies here or there. We have our favorite charities, which give to a select group, and many of us volunteer our time and energy for good causes.

Curiously though, it seems to take natural disasters to bring people together in a spirit of sharing, for any great length of time. Even then, there are those who will loot and profit from the misery around them, instead of representing the best part of us that shares, and seeks to help those near- by.

Dolphins don't have homes with walls. The whole ocean is their home, and stories of their violence toward Man are few in comparison with stories of their daring rescues, in cases of sharks attacking people, or people falling off boats.  They don't know who we are, and they don't seem to need to know.  They simply help.

It is well known, that dolphins constantly communicate with each other, as well. We see the results in their success in surrounding and feeding on large schools of small fish. They each do their part, so that each can par-take, and none go hungry. Special care is taken to feed the calves first, while they are learning to feed themselves.

Most people have the same instinct to see to the needs of the youngest, or most dependent first, before seeing to themselves, so in that we and dolphins are alike.

We are not dolphins, but aspiring to be dolphin-like might be a wise choice, if betterment of our community is our end goal.

If we each took some time each week to try to alleviate some of the hunger that we see around us, there might eventually be a few less of those hungry people on street corners.

It's very difficult to effectively find work, if you have no closet to keep your clothes neat for an interview, because your bed is a street corner and not even enough money for a cup of coffee in the morning, much less enough breakfast to take the edge off from the dinner you didn't have the night before.

And for those who do have a home, and work, if we each took time to really communicate with the people around us each day, maybe fewer marriages would end in divorce.  Maybe work lives would be less torturous, and maybe there would be fewer of our sons and daughters falling in with gangs, drugs, and premature pregnancies.

I'm no expert on how to live your life, because we each have our own challenges to meet in life, and life is a cosmic to-do list of challenges.  I am practicing working on the philosophies that I mention in my blogs, and as my husband says: Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes better.

Better is good. Striving constantly for better is best.

I've come to the conclusion that stopping or throwing in the towel, is guaranteed to get you nowhere, while constant forward motion is guaranteed to get you somewhere.  Look back once you've arrived, and you'll probably realize that you're proud of yourself because you kept going in spite of a few seemingly insurmountable odds that the Universe threw your way, and whatever achievement you've made, or successes you've had will seem sweeter for your tenacity.

My wish for you, Dear Readers, is that you remember what a truly determined species we are, and how our determination can bring us both personal and communal pride.

  Sue Hirsch, CMT of Perfect Day Massage