Note to Self

Note to Self

Dear Me, in the morning, you'll know what to do because it's the same thing that you do every week-day morning: Get up and take care of a few personal needs, get son up and make him get himself ready to get on the bus, and make sure that he leaves the house in time to catch the bus. Walk the dog, and then sit quietly for a while realizing that for once, we have way too much time on our hands.

We all know the trouble that idle hands cause, especially in Today's world of rampant consumerism. I'll probably see things that I want to buy while I'm surfing the net, and then go out to buy them in the stores where they're most expensive. I'll probably also see chocolate cake on TV and feel bad about the chocolate chip cookies I burnt, Yesterday.......and the day before and have a need to console myself with a GF chocolate tort or tart from Whole Foods. (Also super expensive).

After I've eaten the sinful thing from Whole Foods, I'll realize that some of the things that I just bought won't fit, because of the dessert I just ate, and I'll have to take them back and exchange them for larger sizes, there-by disturbing the peaceful day of the person behind the customer service counter at K-mart. My profound apologies to the nice lady behind the counter at K-mart.

On the upside, Today being Friday, I won't have to worry about making my son do his homework Tonight, or waking him up on time Tomorrow to get to a bus, and therefore, I will get better sleep Tonight, and be better equipped to deal with all the extra time on my hands without spending more money on top of what I already spend on Chai Tea and 5hr. Energy shots to make me feel human enough to see to things that really need to get done, as opposed to just pleasure shopping and dozing in front of the weapon of large sellers everywhere- the TV.