Re-opened and Special

  Re-opened and Special

  So, for those of you who don't know it yet, I've finished the moving process.  Suite #5 at 1295 Petaluma Blvd. N. is dainty and quiet and I just love it, and you will too.

  Your first massage at my new office will be only $37.  (Reg. $55/hr).

  If you have one of my "Re-Opening Special" post cards, you may want to schedule that massage very soon, or keep it in mind as a good stocking stuffer.  Everyone loves a gliding hot stone massage, on a chilly Winter day.

  At the moment, I'm warming my own insides, by watching my Labradoodle play with my friend's Mini- Rat- Terrier.  They're inseperable, and my dog loves our pet sitting days.

   I often see the smaller dog curled into my dog's belly, and my dog seems to consider it bliss inducing. 

  I have a smallish felt hat that this little dog could sit in and almost not be seen.  Of course her toe nails would probably damage my hat. 

  I hope that none of you were expecting one of my usual edifying blogs, this time, or even a hysterically funny one.  I seem to be suffering from what real authors call "writer's block", so I'm just filling everyone in on what's new on the home-front.

  Last night happened to be one of those rare occasions when everything works out, and I was actually awake enough to go out dancing with my husband.  Serendipitously, it was a night when my parents had offered to keep the most precious thing in our communal life, for us, for the night-  our son.

   My Mom went to my son's school, to pick him up, so that that he could  enjoy the Haunted House, and took him home with her for the night.  I just got new dance shoes, and they are wonderfully comfortable, especially when compared with my old ones.......... which had simply grown too small over time..............

  Funny how a little thing like uncomfy shoes can cause one to avoid something you love, like dancing, as though it were the plague. 

  It's rather a viscous circle.  For a long while, I didn't have the time or energy for dancing, and then by the time I did, the shoes no longer fit, so I really still couldn't dance.  

  Can't you just hear that violin, now?  Just rub your first finger against your thumb.  You'll hear it. 

  I do something like that when my son begins to tell us that his friends make fun of his lunches, in order to show him exactly how much the opinions of his friends matter.  I bring my first finger toward my thumb, until they almost touch, then say:  No.  Sorry.  Not even that much. 

  It's a sight gag, though and out of context it's probably not all that funny. 

  The point, I suppose, is something about excuses being an ineffective method of getting from point A to point B, and I know that I've gone over it all before.  The fact of the matter is that I'm human, too, and as a member of the human race, I fall victim to my own laziness, excesses and excuses as often as anyone else.  

  FlyLady is a very motivational site, and I'm a huge proponent of short books with titles like:  The 60 Second Organizer by Jeff Davidson.

  My husband does most of the organizing and cleaning and all of the cooking, in this household.  That last because he likes to eat without fear of food poisoning, and because he's a truely wonderful cook.

We joke and pipe dream at times that some-day we'll own a B+B on an isle somewhere and he'll do all the cooking, and maybe once a week, perform magic for the guests, and give evening piano performances as well. 

  I will simply take reservations and hire and fire the help, and maybe even give massages.  

  It's a great pipe dream, and that and $3. will get me a bad cup of coffee.  $4. will get me a decent cup, and $5. will get me the spiced chai that I really want. 

   Maybe this blog turned out mildly amusing after all.  Now for a bit of the common sense that somehow manages to infect all my blogs.........

  ...........Hmmmmmmmmm.  Let's see.  What can I tell you that would constitute common sense?  Okay, how about this:?

  Hold hands crossing the street; cookies and warm milk are good for you, but exercise and a varied diet are better; work a bit and play a bit each day;  laugh and love with abandon, every chance you get;  live like every day is your first and last;  leave the hitch-hikers where you find them unless they have car trouble, and  treat everyone the way you would want them to treat your kids or your aging parents.  

  Want a few more?  Maybe one of these will strike a chord:

  Give everyone a fair shake because it's not all that much fun living in a "Buyer Beware" sort of world;  be honest and open except on the internet, and then don't volunteer any information because what they haven't alreay found out about you, they don't need to know, and many that shouldn't know your private information will find ways of obtaining it, so protect it.
   Keep in mind that not everyone will share your sense of morality, or have the same idea of what "honest and open" means;  people judge you by the company you keep and by how reliably prompt and well dressed you are;  people judge you from the moment they lay eyes on you and your car/house/dog/kids/cleanliness, etc.  

  It's a bit sad, really that we judge so quickly and often wrongly, but there it is, and it can't be changed, so live a life that you can be proud of, rather than trying to look cool or please everyone else, because you can only please some of the people some of the time and in the end their opinions matter only as much as the space between your thumb and first finger when they touch. ...........unless of course it's me telling you that you really need another massage. 

    As Always, Yours' in Service:

   Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage in Petaluma, CA