Laugh? Cry? Read My Wall

Laugh? Cry? Read My Wall 

Want a good laugh? Read my Facebook wall. Want a good cry? Read my Facebook wall.

Lately my Facebook friends make wonderfully humorous finds that they re-post to their Facebook walls, and I come across them and share them on my wall.

Today there was one tear jerker that I wish I could get into this post because it seems appropriate for Thanks Giving week. I always call upon my web guru when I want to re-post to my blog roll. Let's call my web guru "J".

I've been asking a lot of J, during this Thanks Giving holiday time, and I'm thankful that he's in my corner. I have no real computer programming skills of my own, and choose to leave it to the brainiacs to make sure that what you see on my website stays fresh and eye pleasing.

To this end, J has given me a way to simply e-mail to my blog roll and it gets posted. To me the ease of this is miraculous and it was a feat of miraculous ingenuity on J's part to make it possible.

And speaking of miracles, I just saw something really lovely posted by one of my Facebook friends. It was that tear jerker that I mentioned before.

It was a mother-daughter moment. They were saying good-bye to each other at the airport, and someone over-heard them wishing each other simply "enough".

It was one of those times when one word says it all. In this case, it was the theme of a sort of a blessing passed down through the generations in their family.

I really hope that everyone will read it and be inspired to begin such a tradition in their families.

Also on my Facebook wall, I shared someone's YouTube video find of a unique method for getting one's pet cat to come back into the house. "Must see" humor if ever there was any.

So laugh, cry and enjoy the last of your Thanks Giving week-end. I have taken the opportunity to hug my son and to thank him for being my son, and that has already made my week.

You might want to thank your spouse for being your spouse or your parents for being your parents or your kids for being your kids. It'll definitely make their week, if not your's too.

Best of Holiday Wishes to all my readers!

Sue, Owner of Perfect Day Massage.


PS: Here's another chuckle for you: