Rain, Rain- Went Away

Someone promised us rain Today, and so far, it hasn't happened.  The forecast, last night was for lots of rain, all day Today.  Now it's for rain starting this afternoon. 

People are only as good as their information.  As a Mom, I use facts I gather to do things like dress my son in the mornings for school.  If the forecast the night before said that it was going to rain candy, I'd give my son his Halloween sack, plop his pirate hat on his head and send him to the bus. 

The difference is that the pirate hat and Halloween sack don't get the eye rolling that the rain coat gets, that I made him take with him this am.  Luckily, I was sensible enough to open the door and look with my own tired Mommy, eyes this morning.  The sky was mostly clear and the sun was out, so I we didn't have to go through the rig-a-marol of making him actually put the jacket on.  

The sound of the material rubbing against itself is irksome to him.

I don't know how many other people notice some odd minor symptoms of the Celiac condition, but I've read that it can increase sensitivity to things like the sound of material as it rubs against itself and other materials.  My son says that the noise makes his teeth hurt.  I happen to believe him.

That doesn't mean that he doesn't have to wear his rain jacket if it's going to be bucketing.  It just means that I sympathize with my son, that he has to wear the jacket. It's like I told him, last year:  I'm your Mom.  I get to be on your side. 

He's at the age now, where he doesn't always want me on his side, because it means that I insist on a display of impeccable work ethic, daily, so that women will consider him to be a good catch, later in life.  (When he's 27 or 8 going on 40, rather than 9 going on 19).  

Kids are not for everyone.  I used to believe that they were.  Now I see very clearly that nothing could be further from the truth. 

This isn't to say that having a child wasn't right for me and my husband.  It's been a wonderful adventure, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

At the same time, I can see that for the sake of our youngsters, we really need to teach them how to make life altering decisions.  Not only to a lot of our young people decide to have kids for poor reasons, they often decide to marry for a lot of those same poor reasons.

A lot of us focus on finding a life partner, because we don't know how to be alone and happy.  When we marry, and come to the conclusion that our life partner hasn't filled those gaps in our own lives, we think that having a baby will solve the problem and sweep away the emptiness. 

This type of thinking starts at a very young age, because we're programmed to be social creatures.  We are so social that being alone is anathema to us, and can even cause us to go insane.  We reach out, any way we can.

The fact is that in this day and age it's easier and easier to reach out and touch someone who is actually miles away.  Sometimes that's a good thing.  At the same time it can be even more isolating, and even dangerous.

Here in Petaluma, we are lucky to have sports leagues.  They're a great gathering opportunity for kids and their folks alike.  All the kids are out on the field where every grown up can see them.  

I can't say that I know about the religious organizations, here in Petaluma, but I haven't heard any horror stories about Petaluma religious leaders molesting our kids, lately.  That seems to happen only a bit further away from home. 

Our school systems, here in Petaluma are some of the best in CA, and every teacher seems to know every kid by name, and what goes on at home.  

Let's make sure to find a way to pick up where our schools leave off.  Let's end the confusion about what love is and what it's meant to do for us.  Let's give our kids facts about what role marriage and a life partner is supposed to play in our lives.

Our partner and our marriage is meant to be there at the end of every day and when the chips are down, to support us as we reach for our own goals and follow our own hearts.

Let's not let them think that love is romance and fun every minute, and that the important thing to look for in a romantic partner is what foods they eat, where they go and what they do for fun, and if they squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or the bottom of the tube.
Let's be sure that we tell them to look for what's real about a person:  Are they always kind to animals and children?  Do they plot ways to get rich quick, or do they believe in honest work for honest pay?  Do they listen politely when others speak and consider the needs of others?  Do they think before they speak, and use diplomacy?  Do they display traits such as these that I can respect and admire for a life-time of living in the same household with him/her? 

Teaching your children what to look for in a life partner will be the real blessing.  It will be a blessing that will be a gift not only to them, but to your grand-children as well, because they will end up having parents that can relate to each-other without arguing, becoming violent, or divorcing.  When that happens, there will be fewer dead-beat Dads, and more happy marriages that last a life time, and more well adjusted kids that grow into successful adults and loving parents. 

I can only wish this blessing for all our kids, and for all our sake.  What we do to them in their childhoods, they will do to us when someone has to be changing our diapers.  

Yours in Service:
Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage