The Man Who Would be First

The Man Who Would be First

A man thought he was being funny, Today when he snaked my spot in line at Whole Foods.  He then proceeded to lecture me, with a big smile on his face, as if he had some wonderful life lesson to teach me about being decisive.

What's funny is that he thought that I would care  about what he had to say.

I'm a Mom, with a college education, and I own my own business.  I really don't need some low-life who doesn't know the meaning of the words "chivalry", "patience" or "common courtesy" trying to teach me about decisiveness.  I had already decided to take which ever register opened up first, and that's what I told him when he asked me which line I was in, right before he jumped in front of me, because to his way of thinking not deciding on one line or the other wasn't "how it works" and you "have to be decisive".

It was obviously easy for him to "be decisive", but then he probably hadn't been woken up by his beloved progeny at 3:30am, and not been able to get back to sleep.  And the fact that he was holding 5 or 6 items to my one probably had nothing to do with his feeling entitled to move to the front of the line.

One good thing did come out of my morning's misadventure.  The ill breeding of this man inspired this blog which I hope my readers find as humorously sharp and witty as I intend it to be.

When you knowingly do something that is patently rude, in this day and age, you make yourself an easy target for bloggers everywhere.  There's no escaping the lack of privacy in Today's world.  Cameras on street lights will catch you picking your nose, as easily as they catch you going through a red light.  And seemingly meek little red headed gals like me, who decide to take the high road and not point out your gaffs to your face will tear you apart on viral videos, and in blog format.

So if you're that distinguished looking (read: old- enough- to- be my- Dad) but ill bred "gentleman" who snaked my place in line, at Whole Foods on Tuesday, congrats on being the more decisive person of the two of us, and please feel free to keep future life lessons to yourself.  They're really irrelevant to the lives of the grown-ups around you, and if you really can't wait to get home and use the bathroom, the rest of us would be a lot more tolerant of a simple and honest request for permission to cut to the front of the line.

Yours in Service:
 That Little Red Head from Whole Foods, Owner of Perfect Day Massage in Petaluma, Wife, and Mother, .......

Sue Hirsch