Fwd: Inner Child

Inner Kids Will Be Inner Kids

Where's the best place for a long heart to heart with your inner child? 

To my way of thinking, most heart to heart talks are sacred, and it's something that you may  keep between you and your friend or loved one.

Recently, though, I listened to a really amazing heart to heart talk that a mother had with her ADHD son, because she chose to air it on the world wide web.  Those of us who chose to listen to it, are lucky to have been enriched by it, and there's a link on my Facebook wall. 

My conversations with myself,  while perhaps no less enlightening, are usually best kept to myself.  I am only breaking my silence, in this case to lead by example. 

Believe it or not, in all my years of advising those who lie on my massage table to be good to themselves, and follow their hearts, this was the first such conversation that I'd had with my own inner child, and she was starved for attention. 

She really just wants adventure and creative outlets.  I've been trying to ignore her pleas for a long time, and kept hoping that she'd just go back to sleep if I fed her enough chocolate, or whatever was on my dinner plate. 

Oooooops, now I have a problem.........besides the fact that everyone knows my weighty little secret  The larger problem is the weight itself.

Now that you (my readers) know, I'm accountable, and I'll have to keep you all apprised of my progress in my journey to fitness. 

I am actually going to have to unplug my brain from the computer and the TV, and my dinner plate, and clear a space in my house for the scrap booking that I was interested in trying out, or the rope basket weaving.  

I am going to have to find a way to get some exercise in these cold wet months.  Maybe my efforts to clear some clutter will slim me down a bit. 

Like me, you may not always know exactly how to start pleasing your inner child, but if you don't at least acknowledge that you heard the message and are going to take it into consideration, your inner child will find a way of acting out.  The symptoms of your inner child's tantrums can be and often are destructive.  

What is it you're really craving when you take that cigarette out of it's little box, or that tumbler and bottle of bourbon out of your hidden cabinet or bottom desk drawer?  Is it really the damage to your lungs that you want, when your sucking in the tar and nicotine?  Is it really the damage to your liver that you want when you're taking your 2nd, 5th, or 8th tumbler of whiskey? 

I know that I'm not after another couple inches of fat around my waist when I nibble my chocolate cake after dinner. 
The cake just allows me to ignore the real hunger a little longer.  Maybe your vice or habit does that for you too, but how long do you really want to ignore the real issue?

Can we really afford to ignore bad relationships or unhappy working conditions?  For how long, and at what cost?

What if you knew that there was something better out there for you?  Would that change your mind about that next drink or smoke?  Would you put it aside in favor of starting to make some positive changes? 

I certainly would. 

Now that I have clearly heard what my inner child wants, I have an obligation to her and to my body to act accordingly.  
I promised her that I would start cleaning up the house to make room for some crafting.  

See you all later.  Gotta get to work on the house.  Gotta make my inner child see that there's some sunshine coming her way. 

Yours' in Service:  Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage