Gun Control

As a post-script to my previous  blog post, I would like to add that gun control, while a noble idea, and something that we can sink our teeth into, is only part of the solution. Without some sort of recognition and treatment of the root of the problem that leads to this type of tragedy, we are closing the barn door after the horses have left.

The problem is that some people have a natural propensity to solve their problems through violence. Some do so because they simply have not been taught a better way. Some do so because they have mental, or emotional problems. 

Personality issues don't just happen over- night. Depressive people don't live in a vacuum. Someone has to see the problem and in order for the problem to threaten and end a life or many lives, that person has to stand by and do nothing. It would take so little to call in some expert to help another person to get the treatment that they need, before they can destroy lives, and yet, one does risk stigma.....

Is it better then, to bury one's head in the sand and allow tragedies to occur? Or is it better to be the seed of change? Can we think creatively enough and be fearless enough to shake the tree by it's roots, giving birth to out reach programs geared toward people who notice someone in need of treatment, and to set up protocols for that rehabilitation that make it take and for follow up treatment when it's needed? 

The genie has been let out of the bottle. Guns exist in our society. Now we need to look into what breeds the motivation to use them, while we lobby to put the genie back in the bottle. 

People will go on needing help until they get it or solve their own problems in a way that we don't like. This will go on while we lobby for gun control. This will go on while those who want to keep their guns find ways to do so and to use them. 

I will lobby for gun control along with you, and I hope that you will journey with me, as I occasionally brainstorm better ways of dealing with the people who reach for guns, as opposed to the guns themselves. After all, a gun can't fire itself.