Another Interesting Byte

So the link above will get you to a YouTube video about an alternate source of energy.  The alternate source is related to the lab reproduction of gravity. I don't totally understand the theory myself, but apparently now, it's more than theory. 

Okay, I don't have a segue to lead into the next topic, here, so pretend that I said something really clever to tie into trivia about my son and how proud he makes me.

He's taking care of his own stuff in the mornings, now, and getting himself out the door and to the bus on time, all on his own these days.  What a relief!  He has a school concert coming up and it's time and past time that I made sure he had the proper clothing for it. 

To my credit, I did walk the dog this morning.  Haven't done that in a few days. I had a cold last week, and then hurt my back trying to be Superwoman at Curves. I've only just joined.

For those of you following my journey to better health, score one for me. 

Our Winter vacation from school starts next week.  I hope that you're all having really wonderful Holidays, and remembering that it's more important to spend the Holidays with your family rather than with your family's favorite merchants. 
Hallmark and your favorite merchants would have you believe otherwise.  They'll always do their utmost to convince you that the opposite is true with inviting sales events.  At the same time, it's not you that those merchants love.  It's your money.

I'm sure you all knew that.  Reminders can be really great, though. 

It's not just your money that you spend when you shop to please your family.  It's your time.  Oddly enough, your time is what your family treasures the most.  They treasure your time and presence much more than your presents. 

Wouldn't they rather you were there playing board games with them or reading to them?  Wouldn't they even rather be watching movies with you?  My son would.

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage