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A Bump in the Road on my Journey

So I'm feeling good about myself, because I've joined Curves, and I was even planning to upgrade my membership, and now I find out that Curves- a gym which caters to women- supports politics that would limit or negate a woman's right to choose to abort a pregnancy.  

   I heard this bit of shocking news from a woman on my massage table and I was horrified, so I did a bit more checking to find out if it was true.  You can check it for yourself on Snopes.com.

   Snopes is an organization that takes our questions about the veracity of any given "urban legend" and does the research for us and then they print it in language that we can all understand.  

  Is it just me, or does there seem to be some false advertising going on here.  Curves is now a huge chain because they cornered the market on women's fitness and well being.  ............to a point.  How can any woman be truly healthy, if she knows that her body only belongs to her until others think it shouldn't?  

Every time we make a choice for someone else, it effects their morale.  We see it in our rebellious teens, as they move toward independence and we tell them when they have to be home, or that they can't socialize w/ this or that other teen because (s)he doesn't meet our standards in one way or another. 

Once we are of voting age, no one should have the right to choose for us, whether or not we can abort a pregnancy.  The choice is hard enough to make without having to suffer the harsh judgement of the pro-life community.  If a person is pro-life, then I'm happy to let them make that choice for themselves. .....as long as they let me make my own choice in the same situation.  

How arrogant of the people on Capital Hill to think that they can decide from afar, in all cases for each woman who is unhappily pregnant, and that their one size solution will fit all of those women!

Not one woman's story of her unwanted pregnancy is exactly the same as any other's and yet each one is linked by the common thread that the pregnancy would in some way harm the Mother, even if that way is only psychological or emotional.  

If I had been raped, or otherwise impregnated when I was in Elementary school or grade school, and Roe V. Wade had not been the law of the land,  my parents would have had to support one more child through school, because I was still just a child myself, with no job, and none of the skills necessary to raise a child of my own, and no man to help me. 

Until we have a more responsible nation less plagued by the shame of sexual assault, how can we think to shackle women by forcing them to raise children (in an already over-populated world) before they're ready?  

The sad truth is that we do it every day.  Slavery isn't dead, it's just gone underground.  Women are sold as mail order brides, and often the only people that benefit from their sale are their families and the men to whom they are sold.  

But I digress. 

My point is that we need to look carefully at the policies and politics of our favorite companies and chains and grocery stores.  Do you really want to be doing business with a company that mistreats its employees, here and over seas?  If you do, shop at Walmart.  Do you want to play into the hands of politicians that would take away women's rights?  If you do, join Curves.  

On the other hand, now that we know, maybe we can all pull together with petitions and complaints enough to make those two companies change their attitudes, policies and politics.  What's it worth to you to change the world?  Is it worth a donation of money?  

Don't worry.  I don't really want anyone to send me money for these causes.  instead, I'm going to start a petition, to insist that Curves change it's policies or stay out of politics all together.  I did click on "contact" at the bottom of the Curves homepage, and sent them an email about my feelings on this matter.........albeit a much shorter email than this blog. 

If nothing else works, maybe I'll start a picket line. ..........when the weather's warmer. 

   Here's to thoughtful consumerism.  Keep your dollars local, barter with your neighbors when you can, and as yourself how large companies managed to get large.  Chances are you won't like the answer. 

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage- a small Mom and Pop business in beautiful Petaluma, CA.