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A New Leaf.......I Mean "Life"

Calling this adventure a new "chapter" in my life really doesn't cover it.  It feels like the kind of life that other people live and I envy and admire from afar, wondering how they juggle all the balls, and manage to enjoy the thrill of it all.

I'm full of hope that I'll finally manage to see the lighter side of 170lbs, because I've joined Curves, recently.  Groupon is running my ad, and I had my first of 24 weekly tele- classes, Yesterday morning, in Life Coach Training. 

I'd never tried a tele-class before, and to my own happy surprise, I managed keep up.  I'll keep you all up to date on the coaching and share some of the techniques in my blogs, for those of you who care to follow the life changing journey. 

   For those of you who are still wondering what      life coaching is, I just found a radio clip that should help explain it:

Right after the tele- class, I went to do my Curves work out, like a good girl, while my sweet and superhuman-ly supportive, Stay- At- Home hubby took the dog to the vet to find out how bad her leg injury was.  

I had walked the dog on an unfamiliar trail, the day before w/ a friend, and she stepped wrong in the creek bed, and it turns out that she tore a ligament in her back right leg.  Poor pooch.

When I got home from my work-out, it was time to shower and go give a massage, It seemed like just moments after I got home from giving that massage, that it was time to take my son to see the Harlem Globe Trotters in Santa Rosa.  (About a 40 min. drive N. from here, on the 101).  I think I saw myself going the other direction on the fwy at one point...........

It was 7p when the Globe Trotters ran into the Santa Rosa Jr. College stadium, and began the wonderfully crazy display of acrobatic and clownish basketball that I fondly remembered from my own child hood, and it was past 10p when we got home again after. 

My tele-class had run from 8-9:30a, so I was shagged.  I'd been yawning as we waited for the Globe Trotters to make their entrance, and at that point, was even considering checking us into the flea bag motel across the street from the Jr. College, for the night, after the game, but the Globe Trotters perked me up enough to drive us home, safely after.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate driving at night anyway, and under normal conditions, I avoid it like the plague.  I'd thought that the Globe Trotters were going to be doing their thing at the branch of the Jr. College just down the street from us, but I was confused. 

We got home that evening, and had a bit of a snack, before I threw in the towel.  I got out a container and lid, and 2 slices of frozen bread, and told my son to make himself a meat sandwich for his lunch for Today. 

Everything is a happy blackness to me between then and when I stumbled out of bed this am to make sure that my son had put his lunch in his back pack this am, as he was leaving for the bus. 

Ok, so maybe not a new adventure in parenting.  Probably par for the course for most parents.  To me it felt new because it was my son's first glimpse of the Globe Trotters and a rare instance, for me, of night activity.  

Things are, happily, a bit calmer Today.  Yesterday was wonderful for it's busi-ness.  The thing is that I'm going to be very busy Tomorrow as well, so I'm quite satisfied with having a quiet day Today, to just do laundry.

Tomorrow I play Mom some more, and tag along on a field trip with my son's class, and then go get my teeth cleaned.  (Oh joy).  

The field trip sounds great.  It might not have sounded great if we were going to be out in the rain, because it's one of those out in nature field trips, and the note said that we go rain or shine.  Fortunately, the gods seem to be in a good mood for now, and we're blessed w/ some dry, if cold weather. 

   Normally I hate the cold.  These days I'm hardly aware of it, what with my new onslaught of work coming in, and the tele-class and my family keeping me going, when do I have time to grouse about the cold, much less notice it?! 

  Some free advice, then from someone who knows:  If you hate the cold as much as I do, get too busy to notice it. 

Stay warm, Dear Readers.  

Yours' in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage.