Blog From a Hotel

Blog From a Hotel

I'm writing this blog from a hotel. It would be fine if the log-in weren't such a user Un-friendly process, understandable only to Computer Geeks like my husband, Marty.

Marty is probably the best and most supportive husband in the entire universe. He also happens to be a software designer/programmer, which only comes in handy all the time.

Between Marty and my other web Guru, (whom I'll call "J") one would think that I'd have it made in terms of a website, and even a newsletter or e-zine, by now. Unfortunately, I didn't get the memo about G-d passing out computer literacy, until it was too late, so I am really at their mercy when it comes to these extra-curricular, computer oriented activities, so I'm coming a bit late to the game.

I was always a late bloomer, though, so this doesn't exactly throw me for a loop. I didn't move out of my parents' home until I was in my mid to late 20s. I didn't say anything akin to "no" to my parents until I was well into my teens, and then it wasn't even really a "no". It was a momentary postponement. I had started to get up to go out and get the newspaper that my Dad had asked for, as I was finishing my breakfast, and then sat down again, and without really thinking about it, said something like: ...........but I think I'll just finish my last couple bites of breakfast first.

The momentousness of this event was lost on me, but for some reason, my parents laughed uproariously, after, a full minute of shocked silence.

I dredged up this oh so astounding tid-bit from my past in order to show you how well I don't get along with computers.

At times when I'm thinking clearly, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that doesn't always click with computers. At this particular moment, though, I'm pretty sure that every computer I touch is out to drive me violently bonkers, there-by getting me in trouble with the local gendarme.

Other than that, our "vacation" here in LA is going along rather well. We will be having a nice Passover Seder with my husband's side of the family, Tonight. My son will be dressed to impress with a handsome new haircut, and a button down shirt. (He rarely wears button down shirts, and hates getting his hair cut).

As much as I'm loving this mini-vacation in LA, I'm looking forward to getting home. I'll happily get back to work on my book, my Life Coaching classes, and my massage clients. In case you don't know it, yet, there have been a few changes, at PDM.

There are a couple new faces: Bill is my ex-tern who has had 30 years of massage experience, and some of that time, he spent giving massage at a resort. He's only gone back to school, recently because he lost the physical p My other male, independent contractor is Rabel. He's also got loads of experience and gives great massage.

There have been other changes here at PDM:

The new office is prettier and quieter than the old one. We have room for 2 massages in the same room at the same time. We used to be able to do up to 3 at a time, in the old place, but it wasn't as pretty or as quiet. Please be sure to look at the map on our site, for directions to the new office at 1295 Petaluma Blvd. N. Look for the white picket fence between Mr. Magoo's and the Marine Supply place.

We now offer Life Coaching, as well as massage. This service can be combined into a custom package for you, by me. A psychic reading can be added onto any package. Your first reading is free. After that, readings are $15. with any hour of massage.

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage