Fwd: Gays and Abortion

So I heard from a friend, Today that the new Pope, is going to speak for the poor.  Unfortunately, that probably will exclude Gays and woman who may have had or be planning to have abortions.  Check the news and my Face-Book wall to see what he said. 

I got my dander up about it, but you don't talk to the Pope like you have your dander up.  It's just not done.  So here is the email I sent instead.  In case you want to send one, yourself, his email add, is:  cdf@cfaith.va

Your Holiness,

people are naturally drawn to people in your position and want to love them.  As a leader and example to your people, I would ask that you seriously consider before you take any position or make any statements such as the one that you've made to the effect that gay marriage is an affront to God or His plan. 

Catholicism and Christianity are still strong in the world, and your words carry weight.  You claim to be a Man of God.  I'm pretty sure that God said that we should love our fellow Man, and that that statement didn't have any amendments to it such as:  unless they are gay;  or unless they have had or are planning to have abortions.

You claim to have sympathy for the poor.  Many of the poor are women who may need to have or have had abortions.  Many poor people are gay.  Are you a hypocrite who will withhold love from these people on the basis of their chromosomal balance or surgeries that they may need in order to maintain health?  Abortions are often critical to the health of the mother, in one way or another. 

I'm sure that if you were to rethink and change your position on these issues, that your constituency would grow by at least a factor of 10.  

As an Atheist, even I tend to want to love people in power, like our Pope and our President.  Unfortunately, I need to be able to believe in the people to whom I'm going to give my loyalty, and I just can't make myself believe in any man who would withhold his love or his blessing based on chromosome differences (Gays are gay because their chromosomes stack up differently than most people's and this has been proven in science laboratories- please do your research, if you question this position) or choices a woman might make regarding her own health.  

I do believe in our President as a leader who is leading by the POSITIVE example of treating all people equally.  He has not made statements to the effect that men OR women should not be trusted to decide on health issues for themselves, and he has not made statements that would influence others to treat Gay people or the rights of Gay people with any less respect than they would treat the rights of others. 

Given a choice of whom I would follow, on the path to God, then, Your Holiness, I must needs choose our President, though he claims no special connection to God.  Though he is no Man of the Cloth, I judge him at the moment to be much closer than many Men, to the God that I would worship, and I have seen evidence, that many of my fellow Californians feel the same way.  

We here, have begun to feel that any disdain or animosity toward our brethren, no matter how different they are from ourselves is not only a dated attitude, but one that shames us all.  

I would humbly ask you to be a leader that we can truly be proud to follow, as you provide for us a  positive example of acceptance and tolerance.  An example like this from the Vatican is long over-due, and would go a long way to bringing an end to suffering and divisiveness among the American people who are often called your children.  If one of your own biological children were Gay, would you really withhold your love from that child?  I can't bring myself to believe that any "Man of God" would do that.  

If you were a young woman who had been raped, and your physical well being depended on being able to get an abortion, would you not hope for compassionate medical care without judgement or shaming?  

We have come so far, and yet not far enough.  Your words carry great weight, and you can lead us forward or back into the dark ages with just one or two words.  I really hope that your next words regarding people who are different from you or believe differently will be kinder, gentler, more tolerant, and more Christian/Catholic.  

As diplomatically as I may have worded this email, Your Holiness, this is an issue, about which I am passionate, and I know that your words are already getting around on Face-Book, and that many (besides myself) are dismayed by them.  Some are more than dismayed.  

How many Americans do you think are really left, Today who are not Gay or do not have Gay friends or family members?  How many do you think wouldn't go to the ends of the Earth to protect the civil rights of those friends or family members who are Gay?  How many of those do you think are Catholic?  Is it wrong then to be Gay and Catholic at the same time?  Are Gays less welcome in Catholic Churches than in other churches?  How do you think that that will work for Catholicism?  

Thank you for reading, Your Holiness. 

Sleep Well. 

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage in Petaluma, CA.