Be on the radio with Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage and Reap Your Dream

You could be on the radio!! 

Yes, it's really true, Friends of Perfect Day Massage.  I'm starting up my own radio talk show, and the title is going to be:  100 People You Should Really Know.  

If you can tell me why you should be on my show, you just might win a spot as a guest on my show.  

I want to introduce people to my homies who can help them improve their lives and or life- styles.  I want my community to know the real movers and shakers in this town, and in towns near-by.  (Preferably in the Bay Area).  I want to introduce them to concepts that they may not even know exist.

Feel free to email me a bio or a name of someone that you think I should interview on the air, and a way to contact you, so that I can ask you more about that person.  

Have a great week, and please consider being on my radio talk show or telling me who would be a great guest on my show. 

Sue Hirsch of Perfect Day Massage and Reap Your Dream