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ZERONICA-  Daughter of the Jin

I had a few rare and precious moments with my son, in these past couple days.  I want to tell you a bit about how those moments came about, because they were spontaneous, and these days of over-planning so that we're always busy doing in order to get ourselves to the next level or on to the next item on our agenda, unscheduled closeness is becoming a thing of the past. 

We took my ex-tern to a movie, and along the way, we treated my ex-tern, whom we'd invited along, to a discussion that we'd started a few days before.  We were talking about my new name, for my new body, when it's slimmed back down to it's "fighting weight".  We've come to the conclusion that being is good shape will make me a new person, and that this new person should have a new name.  Not just any name, but a Super heroine name.  (I had insisted on that).

I finally decided that I liked names that end with the sound ika.  From there, my son came up with the name Zeronika.  I said that it needed some sort of subtitle to go with it, like:  Daughter of..........

I was stuck for what should follow.  My son wasn't.  He filled in "Daughter of Dracula". That would have been alright if it hadn't been taken. 

I thought to practice what I often preach, and recalled games of "Let's Pretend" from my child-hood.  No bitter pill in that.  I became Zeronika- Daughter of the Jin.

Hmmmmm.  Wonder where that came from.  You'll know if you are a child of the 70s, as I am.  Think:  I Dream of Jeannie.  

My son wanted to be my side kick, but he didn't like that I wanted to be Daughter of the Jin, and he was more alienated when I said something about girl power, so I explained that everyone gets to be their own character and that he doesn't have to be my side kick.  He can be a hero, every bit as much as I can be a heroine. 

I can't remember what he named himself because it was complicated.  And he was fine with being another hero and on my team, rather than being my side-kick.  I'm good with that too.  I don't need another subordinate feeding into my superiority complex. 

My head is going to be big enough pretty soon, what with my being scheduled to be on a radio talk show, this Monday, and a new website already active to advertise my Life Coaching service- Reap Your Dream.  (  The Radio Talk show will be at 3p, and on Z Talk Radio.  Sorry, I don't know the station but you can live-stream it through your computer, Tomorrow.  

Fame and fortune, here I come!  Who wants to come along for the ride?!  The more the merrier. 

The movie was great fun, by the way.  Jurassic Park in 3D.  Of course I ate too much pop-corn, again.  So it goes. 

Saturday, (the day after the movie) was at least as good or better, than Friday.  My son and I shared some rare and precious moments with the husband and father that we love beyond what the word "love" can express.  We went to lunch and then shopped.

It may not seem like there could be any real joy or excitement to be found in such every day tasks being performed so close to home, and those of you who know me, or know me through my blogs will recall the numerous occasions upon which I've expounded on my preferred types of adventures and vacations, and how they tend to be far away from home, and lengthy.  

What made this particular, Saturday expedition so delightful is that we were all doing what's popularly become known as "living in the moment".  We were just enjoying lunch, for all it was worth, then we moved on to the buying of shoes, just a shops down from where we'd lunched, and finally my son and I went into PetCo while my husband went into the two grocery stores that anchor that half the plaza. 

I was exhausted by the end of it all, but you have to keep in mind that, I'd done 2 massages that morning, and it was past 4 when we returned home.  Enervated as I was, I wouldn't have missed a second with my family.  We'd actually connected, deeply during every minute of that trip.  This kind of thing isn't normally possible at home, where we're constantly distracted by work, Wii, phones, computers, laundry, etc. 

I've harped on this a bit before, and am likely to do so again: Vacations and adventures don't have to be far away or more than a day long.  I've discovered, for myself, again now, and in a very profound way, that a vacation or an adventure is all a state of mind.  

This one happened to be a couple hours long and made up completely of the mundane tasks of everyday living.  Even so, those everyday things that we were doing became special, because we were really present, and sharing the pleasant unhurried togetherness as we did those things.  It was a past time that we were all enjoying. 

Now that I know with every fiber of my being, how  bonding these shopping trips can be, I'm going to put lunch and shopping on the family calendar for every week-end.  

Wouldn't you? 

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage and soon to be Life Coach.
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