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Never Had One of Those Before

My son was looking for a snack, last night, after dinner.  My suggestions tend to be rejected out of hand, but ever the helpful (read: over-helpful) Mom, I suggested anyway.  He replied:  Wait.  I have an idea.  I actually had a witty rejoinder, on cue.  I came back with:  Oh, are those tasty?  I've never had one before.  His usual canned response was that "Mo-om" that they say with the eye rolling, when you've just said something particularly stupid or embarrassing. 

That eye rolling thing did nothing to nip my laughing jag in the bud.  It was late......sort of.  I'm always up by 6:30am, so it was late, for me, and everything tends to be funny when it's late.

I'm a hard working Mom, like a lot of you.  These days, when I go to Curves, I go round the circuit 3x instead of just 2ce, which didn't seem to be doing a lot for me.  I try to do that before breakfast, because I've learned (tip coming) that you lose more weight by doing a work out before breakfast than you do if you do your work-out after breakfast. 
I give massage, I try to attract Life Coaching Clients, I do the Mom and Housewife thing, I host a radio show on most Wednesdays and Fridays, I squeeze book writing time into my busy schedule, when I can, and I try to stay sane while dashing madly from one activity to the next.

While I was taking my second to last Life Coaching class, (this past Wednesday before my radio show) my Master Coach asked us if any of us have a motto that we live by.  I thought to myself:  When do I have time to come up with a motto?  I didn't know that I was supposed to have a motto!  Needless to say the need for a motto stuck with me, and goaded me during my morning walk with the dog. 

I knew that I needed something upbeat and suddenly heard a refrain from an old pop-song in my head:  Hit the Ground Runnin'.  It sounds like just what we need to hear when we think we've just hit rock bottom.  If you hit that "rock bottom" surface, hit it running, and then do what runners do:  Pace yourself so that you can keep going whether you're going uphill or downhill.

Life is made up of peaks and valleys, and it's best to just take each of those peaks and valleys in stride like a runner and have a plan in place to slow down enough at regular intervals, to smell the roses.  Just don't slow down your pace for too long, because the world will go on without you and you will seem to fall behind or even move backwards. 

I did fall behind, last year.  I seem to have picked up the pace a bit, this year.  I was disatisfied with my work because it was becoming too routine.  I decided that it was time to add something cerebral to the mix, and enrolled in a Life Coaching course. 

I also hit a sort of rock bottom recently when I found that I was not losing weight like I thought I would when I started to go to Curves.  I thought that Curves would be the magic bullet.  It wasn't.  I eat entirely too much for exercise alone to take the weight off.  I have now sworn to my son and myself that I will cut way back on starches. 

I didn't do so well keeping my promise to cut back on starches, Yesterday, but I did pretty well the day before that, and Today is a whole new day, so I'm going to hit the ground runnin'.  I made myself a real power breakfast with no starch, and now you'll have to excuse me, while I go write down my recipe in my food journal.

Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage and Reap Your Dream Life Coaching.