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To Defy Explanation

Some things need to be seen to be believed.  I tend to put those things on my Facebook Wall, when I find them.  Most of the best stuff on my wall, I get from a site called "Upworthy" or Wimp.com.  If you haven't seen Upworthy, yet, it's chock full of "something for everyone", in the way of current events, and opinions. 

Both the performance and the speech are exceptional, and not to be missed, and I'll make a point of passing on more such items in my blogs, in the future. 

Whether you're just reading me for the first time or not, you should know that it is possible now (or will be soon) to navigate to my blog from either of two different sites:  www.Perfectdaymassage.com or www.reapyourdream.com.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not, Perfect Day Spa.  We are two different business entities, and I felt compelled to mention it here, because I've begun to receive some client questions on the matter.  One client even made an appointment with me, and handed me a coupon card, when she arrived, that I couldn't honor, because it was from Perfect Day Spa.  

You may know me as owner of Perfect Day Massage. You may or may not be aware yet, that I am also setting up shop as a Life Coach, specializing in: relationships, life balance, and wellness.  I would love to speak to your club or organization, on any topic that falls into one of those categories, and am currently offering a SPECIAL on my talks:

FREE TALKS for your organization or club until the end of 2013.  I promise to be engaging, funny and dynamic.  

I have some very engaging and dynamic guest speakers on my radio show as well, on W/F, at 10am.  My show is called:  100 People You Should Know.  The mission of my show is to introduce to you (the listeners) people in our community (Sonoma/Marin) who do things that you may not yet know a lot about.  

There are a lot of professions and professionals around us who do things that are not well understood, that could help you to live a happier or healthier life-style, or things that could make your day easier or more interesting.  Not only that, you can win prizes by listening to my show as well. 

I want to introduce you to the movers and shakers of our community, and what they do.  I want to have them teach you about things we can do to further the cause of sustainable living, or how to nurture your own spirit in order to walk more serenely through your day.  I want you to get value out of my show, in the way of nutritional or other advice that you can easily put to work in your own daily life to give you a chance to live longer and enjoy it. 

If you laugh once or twice as you're listening to one of my shows, then I'll, of course, take the credit for that.  If I make you think, then I'll take the credit for that too.  If I'm controversial, then great.  If I'm boring............let's just pretend that show never happened. 

Your's in Service.

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage (not Spa) and Reap Your Dream Life Coaching

To call into my radio show, 100 People You Should Know:  1-347-677-1860