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Dearest Readers,

the breeder of our wonderful young dog, Shadow is about to sell her business, and is sad to have to sell her last few, very wonderful dogs.  Please check out her site.  She breeds hypo-allergenic labradoodles and goldendoodles, very responsibly, and they turn out to be affectionate, well-mannered and eager to please.

Please consider giving one of her last few dogs a home, and please pass on the info. to everyone you know.  These are great dogs, and worth every bit of love that I know you and your friends and family will lavish on them, once you have taken them into your hearts and homes.

Thanks for reading.  Annette's email and information follow:

Dear Susan , Marty and Cody,

Thank you for the beautiful email.  I will post this on my site.


This is to let you know that I was accepted to a 3 year art school in Florence Italy and am going to be leaving late August.

To do so, I am selling my business, dogs and house.  Currently I have 2 remaining black F Ala4b Australian Labradoodle pups

backcrossed to a miniature poodle who are 9 weeks old and ready for a home.  We also have Morpho, our main stud who is now

7 and an amazing loving dog.  Please look at our website and click on Morpho's photo to see more pictures.  Let me know if you

are interested in any of the 3.  I am so glad that Shadow is such a wonderful dog and fit for your family!






Kind Regards,


cel 707-206-1313



IOn 2013-06-26 07:09, Sue Hirsch wrote:

Hi Annette.
Just wanted to update you on Shadow (Aka:  Muppet) who came to us Sofi.  She's a wonderful, well mannered young lady now.  (Black Labradoodle- 6th gen).  She was the perfect addition to our family, and in a few days we will go back home to her.  Her best friend is staying at our home w/ her, this week, while we are on vacation.  
Her best friend is a Mini-Rat Terrier, named Nutmeg.  Nutmeg's Mom is of course house and dog sitting for us.  Nutmeg is the only dog that can put her head down a gopher hole that Shadow has staked out, and not get a complaint or rebuke from Shadow.  Shadow shares everything w/ Nutmeg happily, and one of these days, I'll remember to send you a cute pic of Nutmeg, flopped over half-way on top of Shadow.
Shadow adores Cody, and stands by the door, whining her excitement when she hears his school bus bringing him home.  She lets him drape himself all over her, and hug her etc.  He's her "best boy in the world".  I know I'm her Alpha, as she comes to me for comfort, and wants to sleep on my bed, unless I specifically tell her to hop up on his bed, and stay, before I go to sleep, but she's eager to please us all, and comes right back when called, and she has Marty wrapped around her paw.  
Marty is a softy.  I knew he would be.  He had actually told me that he "had no good feeling about having a dog".  That was before Cody and I did a bit of convincing M. that a dog would really complete our family.  M. met Sofi- now Shadow and fell in love.  Somehow he knew exactly the right pup to pick for our family, and he says that it was all in her alertness to him and Cody.  
Just wanted to update you and thank you again.  She has a wonderful home with us, and when we're ready for another dog, we will definitely come back to you, and perhaps take one of your retiring/retired breeders off your hands, since C. will be a bit older by then, and probably planning on going off to college.
Sue Hirsch.