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Good Morning Dear Readers!  

So sorry for not airing my show as usual last week.  I was at Disney Land with my family.  Don't worry, though.  This Wednesday's show is going to be great!!  It will totally make up for those last two shows that I missed.  Richard the Tale Teller of Petaluma is what I would call a guardian of heritage.  But maybe guardian is the wrong word, as he does his best to share it with everyone through his stories set to the music of his home made dulcimers.  

He also teaches people of all ages to make dulcimers of their own.  This is one of those incredible gifts that keeps on giving forever.  Once someone has heard one of his stories, or learned to make a dulcimer, then they can share that gift with others, and it will serve to remind them (read us) of our roots, and of the fact that really great art doesn't just happen while you're clicking on the internet or texting on your cell phone.  

Really great art happens when you take your hands off the key board and use them to create beauty.  

I suppose that it can be argued that computers have become versatile enough to be used to create beautiful graphics, cars, blue prints for interesting and beautiful homes, etc.  The catch is that it will never be the same as getting your hands dirty in clay or teaching your hands the dexterity necessary to knit or weave beautiful textiles.  Scrap booking using a computer program will never replace the careful thought that goes into actually cutting and pasting printed papers around your memories and writing down what was happening or going through your head that day. 

Richard Standard gives the gift of time to those who want to learn his art, and to those who simply want to be entertained by it for a short time.  You'll see his name when you look up "The Dulcimer Project" on-line, and you will hear about it straight from the horse's mouth when you listen to my show on Wednesday.  
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