Not Your Speedway!!!

This was the theme of my radio show, Today.  My series is called 100 People You Should Know, and since I didn't have a guest lined up for Today, I publicly shamed the guy in the green sports car who was screaming up to the corner of McDowell on McGregor as I was turning left onto McGregor.  I'd just had breakfast at Peppers and was turning left out of the parking lot. 

I think that nearly plowing into another vehicles driver's side door is good reason for a little public shaming.  Besides that, it was fun, and lead well into my topic of slowing down in life.  I had opened by saying that I had something to say to the guy in the green sports car who had nearly creamed me at about 9:25 am this morning.  I very emphatically told him, on the air, that East Petaluma was not his personal speedway.  I told him to SLOW DOWN!! 

I went on to mention (in passing) the other rude people in the white van, who pulled up too closely behind me as I was trying to park, because they also deserved dishonorable mention, and then I went back to my greater theme of slowing down in life.  

The need for this was demonstrated rather clearly to me at Disney Land, last week.  Disney Land was great.  I'm just not sure that my husband enjoyed it as much as his family did.  He was the one with the map.  

The map was as much his nemesis as his security blanket.  The park officials, in their infinite wisdom (or maybe on an LSD trip) had oriented the points of their map on a few features of the park itself, rather than on the true compass points.  My husband would have really liked to have understood that on our first day there, rather than on our third and last day there.  It would have saved him a lot of stress and it would have saved us all a certain amount of wear and tear to our feet, as well. 

As to slowing down,  I figured out how to do that, from the moment my husband took hold of that crazy map.  I figured that since he seemed bound and determined to map our route through the day, and think out where we wanted to be at precisely what times (consider the fast passes for avoiding long lines) I would just sit back and enjoy the scenery where-ever we ended up when he had finally navigated us to our next destination.  

There is a lot to say for the scenery at Disney Land.  The planners put a lot of thought into making each section of the park unique from the others, and a lot of detail goes into the creation of the rides themselves.  Of course, the best part of all the scenery was my son's beaming face as his Daddy climbed into a car seat right next to him, for each of the rides.  

That little beaming face made the whole "slowing down" thing worth while.  

You don't have to spend a fortune, or even leave home to get that sense of rightness and peace that I got from my son's smiles.  It doesn't come from Disney Land rides.  It comes from having witnessed a precious moment passing between people that you care about.  It comes from having taken the time to see that moment and appreciate it for it's incomparable beauty.  

Any man can father a child.  My husband, though, has definitely learned the art of being a Dad.  It takes being there for your child(ren).  It takes knowing how to discipline from a place devoid of anger and violence, and it takes knowing when to just enjoy the moment with your child(ren).  

My husband has not only done this for our son, but he has done it while being a wonderful husband, a decent man of integrity, and ................wait for it.............. :  A courteous and careful driver. 

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