Fwd: Fw: Photos of the Wild, from Starnanda

My friend sent me another one of those things that one of her friends found on the net, probably re-tweeted or re-posted on facebook.  I saw it and was kind of flabbergasted, because I'd always been taught that Man is the most intelligent species on the planet.  The thing is that all the animals in the pictures seem to know how to treat babies, and it's clear from the picture at the bottom that that knowledge isn't as innate to human beings as it is to other animals.  Have a look:

Nothing is as tender and caring as a proud parents love and affection for their young offspring.
 `On the riverbank...
In the Arctic ...
In India ..
In Africa .
Puts a lump in your
throat, doesn't it?

It did put a lump in my throat, until I got to the one at the bottom.  At that point, I froze with horror and wondered why someone would simply take a picture, rather than rescue the dangling baby.  This parent was obviously distracted by the much more important purse or back-pack that was dangling off her other arm. 

Some of you may argue that I'm being a bit quick to judge, because maybe the baby really likes being upside down.  I would really like to walk up to the tiger in the picture, and give it a big hug, but that doesn't make it a good idea!  

We all make mistakes.  I've made a few in my life, and some of them effected the people around me, so I suppose that we should all find some understanding and compassion within ourselves for the mother photographed dangling her baby by one ankle.  Lord knows, moms are a harried race.  

Moms don't get paid a wage or salary or commission per child or per hour.  We get paid in spit-up, and tantrums, and silent treatments by teens and pre-teens going through their awkward phases of growing up.  While we're pulling down that glorious "pay-check" we're trying to teach our kids that we're not their maids, help them with their homework, and still get in some actual quality time with them, and then with our significant others after our kids go to bed. 

Some of us even make dinner and take out the trash on top of everything else, and then make sure that the next load of laundry makes it into the washer/dryer, efficiently, so that our kin will have something to wear to school/camp the next day. 

Thankfully, I have a husband who is so supportive that I don't tend to be so harried that I end up forgetting that my child is more important than my back pack, and dangle him upside down by his ankle, no matter how appealing that may seem at times.  Of course he's 10 by now, and I would be ill advised to try to lift him at all.  

I can only hope that the rest of you parents have partners that are supportive and helpful at home, so that you have time to remember what's important too.  Having priorities in good order doesn't just happen.  It's something that has to be thought through, and we have to make time to do that, in a quiet and comfortable space, or we'll only be setting ourselves up to make some tragic mistakes down the line that are likely to hurt others as well as ourselves. 

Family is my highest priority, even when it seems like I'm making time on my calendar for everything but family.  I know that at 4:30, it's time to pick up my son from camp, and if I'm going to be working, then my husband will have to do that, and I have to make sure he knows it.  I know that Today, he actually doesn't have camp, and as I'm giving massage, I will be planning how to get the two of us out of my husband's hair for a while.  

That means that I may not have as much time to work on my book as I'd like, but as I said, my family comes first.  

What comes first for you?  Does your calendar reflect that?  If you made a graph, how would family time stack up against all the other different types of time that make up your day?  

I'll leave you with that thought, because when we get our priorities straight and put those items on the calendar first, and work everything else around those items, so that we have a bit of "me" time, each day, and a bit of "couples" time, if we're partnered/married, and some work time, and some hobby time, then we end up with fewer of those times when we're just having to move so fast that we end up leaving our highest priorities...................dangling.