Fwd: Some Must Sees

Must Sees:

I'm going to list, for you, some of the really great things that you should see or be aware of, in life.  I've expounded on a few of them before, so I'll try to be a bit succinct, this time. 

A new site for chess enthusiasts and those who are toying with the idea of playing the game:  http://ZoomChess.com

A publication that will brighten anyone's day as it contains only good news and information on what options are available to us, here in Sonoma County, in the way of sustainability and local shopping, etc, is the Upbeat Times.  

A unique online publication similar only in name to the Upbeat Times is "Upworthy".  This publication is mostly short video clips of current events of import to our Nation and the rest of the world.  You'll see things like:  what kids really think of race related politics and other such grown-up hang ups;  how people in the know put other not so bright people in their place when they faux-pas;  some really heroic every day acts, from unusual quarters and or on the part of those you wouldn't suspect of having it in them to do something outlandishly nice for perfect strangers. 

Now, pretend that I had a creative segue, because I don't and I'm going to change topics anyway:

I had no guest speaker this past Friday.  Who's fault is that, I wonder, hmmmmmmm?  Not a single one of you has dared to call into my radio show or to schedule with me to be on it, even though I keep telling you all that it's free to call in, and free to be on my show.  

How about that?  PR for your business or your hobby or yourself for, ......how much was that again?  Oh yeah.  Bubkiss!!  Zero!!  Zilch!  Absolutely no cost to you air time.  All you have to do is put up with my asking you some really broad questions, knowing that anyone and everyone will be listening.  

Scary, huh?  That shiver of anxiety you get when I tell you that Everyone will be listening..........that's what happens when we consider stepping out of the box.  Doing that type of thing is a good thing to do once in a while so that you don't get stale.  ................I mean bored.  Sorry.  

Actually, stale is a great word for it.  That's what happens to our bread after it's stagnated long enough to take on that weird consistency that tells us the moldering days are nigh.  When that happens to our bread, we don't think twice about throwing it away or letting our kids take it to the duck pond and feeding it to the ducks.  

When we allow this kind of stagnation to happen to US, why do we sit around waiting for it to go away?  
Wherever you go- there you are. 

I'm stealing this quote, because I can't remember who said it.  The thing is that it applies here.  You won't be able to escape the fact that you're bored, once that thought has crept in.  You may try to escape into T.V. Land or some other addictive behavior, to the point where you are wasting most (or all) of your waking hours.

(I say "wasting" for a reason, but we won't get into that, right now.  You can figure it out). 

Wouldn't it be better to admit to yourself that you're bored out of your gourd with the usual routine and find a way to give it a bit of a shake- up?  It's really very simple.  Change one tiny thing in the routine, and it will usually start a cascade of changes without your really having to think about it.  You may not even realize, at first that it's happening. 

What if you were to wake at 7am, one morning instead of 6am.  You might have to rush to work, (and see a different throng of cars beside you on the way) or you might decide to call in and say that you'll work from home and come in after lunch.  You'd probably eat differently at home than you would at work.  Maybe you'd eat a more healthful lunch, or eat a bit more slowly.  Believe it or not, that will have an effect, even if only a small one, on your over-all health and state of mind. 

I could go on, with this thought:  Say that you feel better because you ate better or more slowly at home than you would have done at work.  Say you take this somewhat different feeling of better health or peace of mind into work with you when you go, later in the day.  The people around you won't pick up on your tension, because it isn't there.  Offices and places of work can be tense, because the people are usually worried about meeting deadlines or having product to show for their efforts, and pay- checks.  If you go into work feeling a little less tense than usual, others will pick up on that, and find you more pleasant to be around, and they will become less tense themselves, and may even recognize it. 

When you get home after a day like that, how do you think that you will feel?  What else will change at home due to the fact that you're arriving home feeling a bit better about how your day went?  

This is your Captain, Sue Hirsch.  I hope that you enjoyed your flight with:  Better Day Better You Airways.  Please return your seat to it's original upright position and remember to leave your baggage behind you on the airplane when you depart.  It will be returned to you as appropriate..........or not.  You will find your children on carousel 4 in the Child Return Lobby.  

Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage and Reap Your Dream Life Coaching
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