Keeping life simple to stay healthy

Keeping life simple to stay healthy

Have you ever blind-folded yourself, spun around a few times and tried to throw paint at a big piece of butcher paper, hoping that some would actually hit the paper and not the good couch or the Ming vas next to it or the antique wet bar next to that? ……………I haven’t either. Some days, it just feels like that’s what I’m doing. I get the feeling that I’m an artist throwing paint blindly at a canvas, hoping that some will hit the canvas, and then hoping on top of that, that it will look like art.

I’m so fascinated with the variety of projects in my life, just now, that I even dreamed, last night, that I literally had too much on my plate. I know only too well how difficult it can be to avoid over-scheduling ourselves. Opportunities just seem to keep knocking.

Last Friday, my exuberant, bubbly and vivacious PR self introduced Mama Baretta on my radio show: 100 People You Should Know. My radio show is just one of my activities that seems to offer me really great opportunities that I can’t turn down.

100 People live streams through Blog talk radio, and I always post the short link to my facebook page when I’m about to go on the air at 10am W/F.

Early this morning, I was the self- serving self that was at Curves by 7. Some part of me walked the dog by 8:30, and got to work by 10:30. After I finished at work, I was the boss self that took my employee out to lunch, before he had to get to work at 3.

My various personas got home, Today, by 2:30, and are now only interested in creatively expressing themselves, on virtual paper. I’ll tell them you said hi, when they come up for air. That will probably happen some time Tomorrow morning, because there’s a really great belly dance class, that they wanted to try out, Tonight.

When was the last time you had a chat with one or two of your other selves? What did you say? Did any of your selves mention a need to simplify your life, to avoid getting over-tired? Did you remember to thank yourself for making yourself a priority, and putting some down time and recreational time on your calendar each week?

I’m treating a rather serious topic with some serious light-hearted-ness, here, but I really do want thoughtful answers to those questions I just asked. I know that most folks aren’t going to email me their answers. Most of you will probably laugh this off and go on to the next great blog, recipe, or health tip, along this hub of the web. For those of you who are brave enough to deeply examine your usual self talk, and then decide that it could use some improvement, or that you’re chronically feeling run ragged and you need to take back control of your calendar and your life, I’m here to help with that. The first consultation is always free,

Hoping to talk to you and all your various selves, soon: