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Ever Wanted to Write??

I've been writing all my life.  That doesn't mean I was writing well all that time, it just means that I was putting words on paper, and if you assume that I was enjoying it, you'd be right. 

Well, here I go again, and this time I'm not going alone.  I've taken a workshop in writing that took up three days of my life, and I've been a blogger ever since I started my massage business, and more recently I've been to a 2 hour workshop, downtown, and in this past hour, I've interviewed my book coach on live radio. 

Live radio is about as fun an outlet for my creative energies as I've ever found.  It gives me a chance to meet people in a whole new way and to be sure that other people are meeting them too.  This is how I am giving back to my community  It's a half hour show, on W/F at 10am.  You can find my show via and the link is on my facebook page and on both my websites.  The show is called:  100 People You Should Know, and you can be on it or call in with questions or comments for me or my guest, to win prizes.  (347)677-1860.  If you want to schedule to be on my show (FOR FREE) please call me at 707-762-3578.

Last week, I interviewed Petaluma Pete and Krista G. of Fabulous Women.  You can still listen to those and others in the archives at  Today, I interviewed Catherine Bramkamp, Book Coach, and felt like I'd found another soul mate.  My interviews are always laid back and informative and humorous.  I like to keep them appropriate and interesting for all ages, and think that I do a pretty good job of providing something for everyone.  

I'll put Catherine's contact info. here:  

I always have my interviewees give their contact info. during the show, as well, so you can get it from the archives, if it went by you too quickly during the show.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and watch this blog roll to get the goods on my next guest. 

Yours in service:  Sue Hirsch, Owner of Perfect Day Massage and Reap Your Dream Life Coaching.