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That Moment When

You know that moment when a caterpillar is just coming out of it's cocoon, and it's not actually a caterpillar, anymore?  We call that moment metamorphasis.  In the time that it's been hidden away in it's cocoon, it hasn't been just wasting it's time, doing nothing, watching some little TV or sleeping.

It's been focusing on not struggling against nature as she takes her course.  For all we know, it's been focusing on getting it's wing decor just right, so as not to have to be embarrassed on coming out for it's big reveal. 

Some of us do our best work in our sleep, even if we seem to be sleeping with our eyes open, or just walking aimlessly, perhaps talking to ourselves. 

While we're working on that project in our minds, that's not even the only project that we have going.  We're human, so we tend to like to be doing lots of things at once.  Some of us start a crock pot in the mornings, so that while we're ruminating over one project, the other project (the crock) can be running itself for a while, and then, maybe we continue to think about the really important project, while we're shifting laundry. 

Lately, I have had a lot of pots on the hob, in this way.  I feel that I'm coming out of my cocoon, and If you've been following my blogs, you've recently seen one called "Throwing Paint" in which I mention this as well, and go into some detail about all the different projects that I've got going:  A radio show that you can live stream via www.blogtalkradio.com called 100 People You Should Know; a new Life Coaching biz called Reap Your Dream and I'm still doing all the things that kept me going up to this point.

I'm still raising our son, ..........with a lot of help from my very supportive husband.  I'm still giving massage, but will soon be closing that business down, so if you still have Groupons, or Gift Certificates, now would be a really great time to use them.  I'm metamorphing into a Life Coach and Talk Show hostess more and more all the time, here, and once I've taken my Life Coaching exam, this week, I'm going to start going back to my dance classes, and hopefully even have time to rejoin my husband for some of his dance classes, as we used to do, before our son was born. 

I know that you are probably going through your own metamorphasis, fairly constantly, even though it may not look like it.  The process may even have you fooled.  Sometimes we just have to experience one way of life for so long that the need for a change becomes undeniable.  That's all part of what's going on inside the cocoon. 

We all turn into butterflies, eventually, and most of us turn into butterflies many times in a life-cycle, because we don't start out as caterpillars.  That's a pretty big difference, between us and that "lower life-form". 

Think about it for a while.

Yours' in Service.

Sue Hirsch
Hostess of:  100 People You Should Know via www.blogtalkradioi.com (This W. I will be interviewing Dale Wannen   http://www.sustainvestmanagement.com)